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Testimony Before The No Child Left Behind Commission On NCLB Reauthorization, September 25, 2006.

For too many communities, the school improvement process has felt like
an exercise in labeling and public humiliation, without accompanying
help or support. And while it is not wrong to expect school districts
and states to take responsibility for helping in their struggling
schools, there has not been adequate energy or resources dedicated to
building capacity in this area. States, districts and schools
desperately need more federal help -- in the form of solid, widely
disseminated research and financial support -- about what it takes to
turn around chronically low-performing schools, as well as what it
takes to boost the academic achievement of students who enter school
behind or fall behind over the course of their academic career.
Especially high priority should be devoted to answering fundamental
questions about best practice for teaching Limited English Proficient

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