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Upcoming Peace Events!

September 10, 2010: Support Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks!...David Rovics "Prairie Fire" Concerts in September in the Twin Cities!

Coleen Rowley, Evergreene Digest

As General Petraeus and Obama back away from Obama’s promise to begin withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in 2011, we need to support PFC Bradley Manning just as people did in supporting Daniel Ellsberg’s efforts to get the ugly truth out about the Vietnam War. Manning is being held in the Quantico Marine brig and is facing 52 years and the wrath of the Pentagon for having “leaked” the “Collateral Murder” video of the Apache helicopter shooting of Iraqi civilians including two Reuters employees and two children. 

WikiLeaks is planning on posting 15,000 more Af-Pak War documents.  22 American soldiers were killed in the war just last week (August 29 - September 4).  Sign the petition to support Manning at: (Rally and press conference in the Twin Cities beginning at 4:30 pm at the Mayday Bookstore, 301 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis, on Friday, Sept. 17th.)




Mark your calendar for these two upcoming concerts in September in the Twin Cities by David Rovics on his “Prairie Fire” US Tour:

Friday, September 24th
Walker Stage
Minneapolis, MN
Contact Amy Danzeisen

Saturday, September 25th
Black Dog Cafe
St. Paul, MN
Contact Sara

Global Action Days Support WikiLeaks Whistleblower Bradley Manning

  • Can Your Group Plan an Event to Show Support for Bradley Manning September 16-19?
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  • Sign on to petition in support for Bradley Manning's alleged Wikileaks release
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Kevin Zeese, Bradley

Submitted by Evergreene Digest Contributing Editor Bob Heberle


Army Private First Class Bradley Manning, age 22, has been held in isolation since May, charged with releasing classified documents. One of those documents is a 2007 video that shows American troops shooting and killing 11 people, including two Reuters employees. I was proud to join the advisory board of and now I am writing to urge you to support Bradley Manning and join in days of action on September 16-19 when we will call for the dropping of charges against Manning.

Manning's imprisonment has resulted in an international outcry, with groups and activists throughout the US and abroad demanding his release. More and more people are calling for transparency in America's war policies so we know what U.S. elected and military leaders are doing in our name.

I agree with Daniel Ellsberg, the Pentagon Papers whistleblower who recently said that if Mr. Manning is related to the leak, then he is "a new hero of mine." Michael Moore, who is also on the Bradley Manning Support Network's Advisory Board, similarly said, "Whoever is responsible for the Afghanistan leaks is a courageous patriot who should be celebrated for bringing the truth of this war to the American people. Whether or not Pfc. Bradley Manning is the leaker, he must be set free."

The timing of these International Days of Action coincides with the approximate dates of WikiLeaks' next scheduled document release.

The Bradley Manning Support Network is calling for Manning's immediate release and that all charges against him be dropped.

Events and rallies have already been confirmed for: New York City; Oakland, San Diego, and San Francisco in California; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Houston, Texas; London in the UK; Fort Lewis, Washington (the Seattle area); Columbus, Ohio; and Quantico, Virginia--near the Marine brig where Bradley is being is currently being held in pre-trial confinement. It's not too late to organize something in your community! Email support to discuss your ideas and plans.

Voters for Peace will be promoting these events to all of its members. If you plan an event, let know so you can be included in our promotional efforts.

Go to the website for ideas and resources for planning your own event or joining one already in motion.



Sign on to petition in support for Bradley Manning's alleged Wikileaks release.

How much is US Airways paying unionbusting consultants?!

$375 an hour.
Tell US Airways CEO Doug Parker: Cut your ties with your unionbusting consultants!

Manny Herrmann, American Rights at Work

That's how much US Airways is paying a consultant for advice on how to crush unions.

In the lead-up to a union election at Piedmont Airways, part of US Airways, the company has hired Labor Relations Institute (LRI), a notorious unionbusting firm "dedicated to maintaining a union-free workplace."1

By hiring LRI, US Airways is sending a clear message: They're willing to manipulate and coerce their employees to stop them from exercising their rights.

US Airways might not care about its workers, but there's one thing that big companies like this do care about: their public image. Will you give US Airways' CEO a piece of your mind? It only takes a minute, and it could make all the difference for workers at Piedmont Airlines:

Tell US Airways CEO Doug Parker: Cut your ties with your unionbusting consultants!

It's simple: Workers shouldn't face interference or coercion when deciding whether to form a union - and they should have all the facts when they cast their vote.

LRI's strategy is also simple: Manipulate workers' choice to form unions by feeding them misinformation about unions, and stopping pro-union employees from setting the record straight.

And they'll be the first to admit they have the upper hand. Here's some of their $375-per-hour advice to Piedmont:


"The number one advantage companies have over unions during [union] election campaigns is access to voters. Simply put, you can compel employees to listen to your campaign messages..."2


Companies should keep a hands-off approach so employees can decide on their own whether they want to form a union.

Send your message to US Airways now.

Thank you for standing up for workers at Piedmont Airlines - and for all that you do for workers' rights.


1Labor Relations Institute website, accessed September 9, 2010
2Anti-union presentation from LRI Management Services: "Union Avoidance:
5 Keys To Winning Your Union Election."

Protect Social Security

  • Some bold members of Congress wrote a letter making clear that any proposal from President Obama's "deficit reduction" commission that cuts Social Security is dead on arrival.
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  • Will you be a "citizen signer" of this letter to protect Social Security? Add your name on the right. We'll make the Congress, the President, and the media know of our momentum...
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Julia Rosen,

From Evergreene Digest Contributing Editor Will Shapira

You may have heard about Alan Simpson, the right-wing millionaire and former Republican senator who President Obama (absurdly) appointed to lead the commission making recommendations to Congress about the future of Social Security.

Simpson compares Social Security to welfare, saying recently, "We’ve reached a point now where [Social Security] is like a milk cow with 310 million tits."

It's been widely reported that Simpson's "deficit reduction" commission will make Social Security their prime target -- choosing to cut a program that's in surplus and helps the middle class instead of taking on tax cuts for the rich or wasteful military spending.

Twenty bold members of Congress just signed a letter to President Obama saying they'll vote against any proposal from Simpson's commission that cuts Social Security. They deserve our support.

Will you help us get 25,000 "citizen signers" of this letter opposing cuts to Social Security by signing it and inviting your friends? Click here.

These bold members of Congress, led by Progressive Caucus Chair Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), are asking their colleagues to join their letter. Proof that the public is paying attention to this issue will help them immensely.

We'll also inform the media of our growing number of "citizen signers" so Simpson's commission knows that these twenty members of Congress are not alone. Sign the letter here.

Simpson's commission is packed with out-of-touch millionaires and corporate types. Any recommendation they make will lack credibility. But we need to make especially clear to Simpson's commission, President Obama, and all of Congress that any proposal to cut Social Security is a non-starter.

Can you join together with progressives in Congress to send this message? Click here to add your name -- then tell your friends.

Thanks for being a bold progressive!

A step backwards on privacy


  • The Obama administration is proposing its own changes to Electronic Communications Privacy Act ECPA aimed at weakening—not strengthening—your personal on-line privacy.
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  • The administration's plan would allow government officials to obtain more of your personal information using warrantless National Security Letters, without going to court and without any suspicion of wrongdoing.
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Anthony D. Romero, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Submitted by Evergreene Digest Contributing Editor Will Shapira

Tens of thousands of supporters added their names to the ACLU's Protect Our Privacy Petition—calling on Congress to update and strengthen the decades-old Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA).

But now, the Obama administration is proposing its own changes to ECPA aimed at weakening—not strengthening—your personal privacy.
ECPA is one of the few laws that can protect our privacy online, but the administration's proposal would warp this crucial law—expanding the government's power to collect Americans' email and internet use records in national security investigations.

That's a huge step in the wrong direction for personal privacy even as we're trying hard to advance our privacy protections.

Sign our petition and demand changes that strengthen, rather than weaken, our personal privacy.

The administration's plan would do exactly the opposite by allowing government officials to obtain more of your personal information using warrantless National Security Letters, without going to court and without any suspicion of wrongdoing.

That means more secret requests for your personal information—and more gag orders to stop companies from disclosing what they were forced to turn over.

Congress has already held hearings on updating ECPA, and the issue will soon come up again.  We must make sure that any changes to our laws come down on the side of protecting privacy.

Add your name to the petition and tell Congress to strengthen our privacy laws.

We can't sit back and let our privacy protections be replaced by new privacy invasions.  Please raise your voice today.

Thanks for speaking out.

Protest: End the War on Terror!

  • Saturday, September 11th @ 1pm @ Hennepin & Lagoon in front of the Walker Library (2880 Hennepin), Minneapolis
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  • 'Our Lives Post 9/11' Conference in NYC
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Initiated by the Anti-War Committee.


Submitted by Evergreene Digest Contributing Editor Coleen Rowley

Demand an end to the U.S. war on terror throughout the world! Say NO to the U.S. occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq ! Say NO MORE aid to Israel and Colombia because they use U.S. tax dollars to fund massacres! Say NO to the use of "terrorism" as an excuse to justify killing, torture, and an erosion of our civil liberties!

In 2001, three thousand people lost their lives in the attacks on September 11th. And though we have not forgotten this tragedy, we cannot allow it to hold us captive. The U.S. government has used these deaths to justify a war agenda which has created September 11ths around the globe every day in places like Afghanistan, Iraq , Palestine and Colombia . Let's come together to demand that U.S. tax dollars be spent helping people stay in their homes, keeping people out of poverty, and educating our children, instead of spreading terror abroad. 

Endorsed by Al-Aqsa Institute, Coalition for Palestinian Rights, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, the Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAc), the Iraq Peace Action Coalition, Iraq Veterans Against the War - MN, Military Families Speak Out - MN, Palestine-Israel Justice Project of the United Methodist Church, RNC 8 Defense Committee, sds at the U of M, Twin Cities Peace Campaign, Veterans for Peace Chapter 27, the Welfare Rights Committee, & Women Against Military Madness.


'Our Lives Post 9/11' Conference, Luke Rudkowski from WeAreChangeNYC
Submitted by Evergreene Digest Contributing Editor Coleen Rowley


  • Stream all the events live including, the Press conference from city hall, workshops Thursday the 9th, All Souls church Friday the 10th, street actions from Ground Zero Saturday morning of the 11th , and the entire “Our Lives Post 9/11” conference. Go to LiveOnLocation.TV, <>  scroll down the page a bit and register for “Our Lives Post 9/11 Conference”.
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  • $10 includes all. A portion of this goes to help 1st responders. We will send you the url and access code on Thursday the 9th. If you have any issues with that site, do not contact us, if you do you there will be a 0.02% chance you’ll get an answer. You must contact LiveOnLocation for details about Livestreaming and “Pay Per View”.
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An Open Letter to George W. Bush: Speak Out Against Bigotry

  • The fearmongers rallying against the "Ground Zero Mosque" are missing the point: messages of hatred get us nowhere. In fact, they hurt us.
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  • Urge President Bush to speak out against bigotry like he did 9 years ago.
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  • What would Martin Luther King Say?
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Human Rights First

9/11 is (less than) a week away. Instead of remembering our loss with an affirmation of our nation's unity and confidence, some politicians are eager to exploit the tragedy of 9/11 to score political points.

The fearmongers rallying against the "Ground Zero Mosque" are missing the point: messages of hatred get us nowhere. In fact, they hurt us.

George W. Bush understood this. When he was president, he said: “America rejects bigotry. We reject every act of hatred against people of Arab background or Muslim faith,” and repeated this message during his presidency. We're urging him to speak out now in an open petition we'll publicize widely. Join our efforts by signing here.




What would Martin Luther King Say? Mosques and the New Jim Crow in America, Juan Cole, Informed Comment


  • Muslim Americans are Americans. There can be no government Establishment of Judeo-Christian traditions, and no prohibition on how and where Muslim Americans worship. We are seeing attempts to foment a new Jim Crow, centered on mosques, which involves all the same fear-mongering, segregation, and special pleading for the majority that characterized the old (Jim Crow).
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  • The Community Center at Park 51
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New York Times demands criminal investigation of Bush officials

Medical experiments conducted on torture victims


The latest shocking revelation that the Bush Administration performed medical experiments on its torture victims has caused a new wave of outrage and a demand for criminal prosecution by the New York Times, and human rights and legal organizations.

Based on a newly released physicians report the New York Times is demanding that the “White House and Congress to investigate the potentially illegal human experimentation and whether those who authorized or conducted it should be punished.”

IndictBushNow and a wide variety of organizations are working non-stop to collect evidence on all of the Bush-era crimes, take testimony, organize public events and build global pressure.

Here is the latest news:

Following a six month long investigation a preeminent physician’s organization has published a major report revealing that the Bush Administration carried out medical experiments on its torture victims. This is a gross violation of the Nuremberg Code that barred the use of medical experimentation on detainees, following the exposure of Nazi experiments during WWII.

The Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) used public records showing health professionals worked under the supervision of the Central Intelligence Agency during interrogations of "war on terror" detainees after the 2001 attacks.

PHR's new report, "Experiments in Torture: Human Subject Research and Evidence of Experimentation in the 'Enhanced' Interrogation Program," provides new evidence that CIA used doctors and other health care personnel and engaged in the crime of illegal experimentation on detainees who had been tortured under the direction of the Bush Administration.

The “Experiments in Torture” report is the result of six months of investigation and the review of thousands of pages of government documents. PHR says it has been peer-reviewed by outside experts in the medical, biomedical and research ethics fields, legal experts, health professionals, and experts in the treatment of torture survivors.

The purpose of the medical experiments during the Bush years was apparently to measure the effectiveness of particular torture techniques on the victims. This is an abomination.

"Such acts may be seen as the conduct of research and experimentation by health professionals on prisoners, which could violate accepted standards of medical ethics, as well as domestic and international law," states the Physicians for Human Rights in a report it has now made public.

"Not only are these alleged acts gross violations of human rights law, they are a grave affront to America's core values," the report said.

"The CIA appears to have broken all accepted legal and ethical standards put in place since the Second World War to protect prisoners from being the subjects of experimentation," states Frank Donaghue, chief executive of the organization.

Take action now!

IndictBushNow joins in the growing call by many, including the Physicians for Human Rights, that the Obama Administration order "an immediate criminal investigation of alleged illegal human experimentation."

The PHR also called for a probe of violations by the CIA of protections against human research experiments and for Congress to amend the War Crimes Act "to eliminate changes made to the act in 2006 which weaken the prohibition on biological experimentation on detainees."

"In their attempt to justify the war crime of torture, the CIA appears to have committed another alleged war crime -- illegal experimentation on prisoners," said PHR leaders.

We urge all IndictBushNow members to send another letter to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding a criminal investigation into Bush era crimes based on the new information that not only did they torture those who had been arrested or kidnapped but they violated international law by engaging in medical experimentation to further refine their torture techniques. Click here to send a letter today.