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Series | The Occupation of the American Mind: Israeli PR Campaign to Influence U.S. Public Opinion, Part 1 of 3

  • On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, legendary musician Roger Waters and Sut Jhally discuss their new film about the Israeli public relations campaign to influence U.S. public opinion.
  • Reality Asserts Itself (RAI) with Pink Floyd's Roger Waters, Part 1 of 3
  • Related: From the Archives | Five Israeli Talking Points on Gaza-Debunked

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Paul Jay, The Real News Network

May 20, 2016 | JAY: Welcome to The Real News Network, and welcome to Reality Asserts Itself. I'm Paul Jay in Baltimore.

Of all the official narrative that tries to explain the world in the interests those who control U.S. foreign policy, perhaps nothing is as powerful as the influence of how the media covers Israel/Palestine, a country which is cleared by the united nations and independent journalists and commissions that have investigated the situation. Israel clearly has an illegal occupation of Palestinian lands. It has committed war crimes in its attacks on Gaza and other places. Yet, the prevailing public opinion and certainly the prevailing media and political opinion is Israel’s the victim in all of this.

There's a new film that tries to explain why Americans think this way. The film is called "The Occupation of the American Mind: Israel’s Public Relations War in the United States." Paul Jay is CEO and Senior Editor of The Real News Network. TRNN is independent of political parties, is viewer supported and not-for-profit. TRNN does not accept advertising, government or corporate funding. This funding model allows for uncompromising broadcast journalism. Now in start up phase, its mission is to be a daily video news service for a mass audience online and on television.

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From the Archives | Five Israeli Talking Points on Gaza-Debunked, Noura Erakat, The Nation

  • UN estimates more than 74 percent of those killed are civilians - in a population of 1.8 million where the number of Hamas members is approximately 15,000. Israel does not deny that it killed those using modern aerial technology and precise weaponry courtesy of the U.S. This is not the first time.
  • Israel claims that it is merely exercising its right to self-defense and that Gaza is no longer occupied. Here's what you need to know about these talking points and more.
  • Massacre of the Innocents: Slaughter in the Gaza Ghetto


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Robert Koehler | Dancing with Fear Angel Boligan

Maybe it’s time to stop regarding every challenge, danger, obstacle, mystery and fear we encounter as a military operation, to be won or lost. We should at least be aware we have a choice in the matter.

Robert Koehler, LA Progressive / Rise Up Times 

August 2, 2017 | I knew there was a war on against cancer and, oh yeah, drugs, illiteracy, poverty, crime and, of course, terror, and that many arenas — sports, religion, business and politics, to name a few — are often portrayed as war without the body bags. But I was still surprised to read recently in the New York Times that we’ve opened up a fat front:

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“It is a scene being repeated across the country as schools deploy the blood-pumping video game Dance Dance Revolution as the latest weapon,” the Gray Lady informed us, “in the nation’s battle against the epidemic of childhood obesity.” Robert Koehler, a Chicago reporter and editor for over 30 years, proudly calls himself a peace journalist. He has won numerous awards for his writing and, since 1999, has written a nationally syndicated column on politics and current events for Tribune Media Services. His new book, Courage Grows Strong at the Wound, has recently been published by Xenos Press.


Ten Thoughts About Hurricanes, Climate Change, And The Deep State*qHDXQYVFBUI9CEEj-H6OyQ.png

Applause from Gene Marx

Wake humanity up to the deceptions they’re being fed, kill the establishment propaganda machine using our unprecedented ability to network and share information, get real humans acting in their own interests instead of the interests of a few sociopathic plutocrats, and take control of the destiny of our species.

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Sep 5, 2017 | I suppose I may as well continue my daily tradition of alienating half my readership and challenge my right-leaning followers today. Don’t worry, I’m sure my lefty readers will be mad at me for whatever I write tomorrow.

As a Category 5 hurricane approaches the Caribbean on a possible collision course with Florida, I’d like to offer the following ten thoughts on climate change and the implications it has for our current political reality.*54ZLaMwwGoY14ohrr8VAdw.jpeg Caitlin Johnstone, Rogue Reporter, Top writer in Government, Journalism, Politics, Racism, Poetry, Medium 

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Herr Donald, Sheriff Joe, Hurricane Harvey, and the Fate of the Republic

Photo by Caravan 4 Peace | CC BY 2.0

Hurricane Harvey is yet another deadly reminder that Nature Bats Clean-Up and will not let homo sapiens off the hook for letting its capitalist “elite” drive global temperature to deadly extremes with excessive carbon emissions that are a direct consequence of modern capitalism’s lethal addiction to endless accumulation, commodification, and quantitative “growth.”

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August 30, 2017 | Good Timing

Let history record that the leading climate change-denier and eco-exterminist, arch-authoritarian petro-capitalist United States President Donald Trump threatened to shut-down the federal government as the capitalogenically cooked waters in the Gulf of Mexico swirled on their path to an epic tropical storm that would epically flood Houston and much of southeast Texas in a matter of days.

The president’s moronic threat came at the peak of the hurricane season.  It was made at a white-nationalist campaign-style rally in Phoenix. There Trump heaped praise on a former and recently federally convicted county sheriff who tortured and murdered a moderate Mexican village’s worth of predominantly Latino jail inmates across a long reign of racist police-state terror in Arizona. At this noxious assembly, Trump strongly hinted that he would soon pardon the fascist sheriff.  The Racist Dog Whistler-in-Chief also doubled down on his sickening defense of the frenzied racists who oppose the tearing down of statues honoring “heroes” of the Southern Confederacy (1861-1865), which waged a war on Washington – a war that killed 750,000 Americans in order to defend the system of Black chattel slavery. Meanwhile. high-tech storm troopers charged, shooting rubber bullets and “pepper balls” at liberal and left protesters outside in the sweltering heat.

Paul Street's latest book is They Rule: The 1% v. Democracy (Paradigm, 2014)

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