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Rejecting Values and Responsibility Was a Big Mistake. We Have Lost Our Minds.

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  • Part 1: Psychologist: Rejecting Values and Responsibility Was a Big Mistake
  • Rejecting values and responsibility leads to a life devoid of purpose.
  • Part 2: It’s no joke that we have lost our minds.
  • The Founding Fathers just ordered another round.

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Part 1: Psychologist: Rejecting Values and Responsibility Was a Big Mistake

Rejecting values and responsibility leads to a life devoid of purpose.

Annie Holmquist, Intellectual Takeout

May 30, 2018 | In May 2017 LifeWay Research released an interesting survey. It found that 80 percent of Americans were concerned “about declining moral behavior in our nation.”

As the survey went on to report, such concern was not unfounded. While 63 percent of the 65+ crowd agreed that right and wrong was objective, or does not change, only 36 percent of the 18-24 age group thought the same. In other words, two-thirds of the next generation believe standards of right and wrong are relative to the individual.

How did we get to such a place? Annie Holmquist is a senior writer for Intellectual Takeout. In her role, she assists with website content production and social media messaging.  She also brings 20+ years of experience as a music educator and a volunteer teacher – particularly with inner city children – to the table in her research and writing. 

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Part 2: It’s no joke that we have lost our minds.

The Founding Fathers just ordered another round.

Daniel Ruth, Tampa Bay (FL) Times

June 4, 2018 | You get up in the morning, and the sun is shining. The birds are chirping. The garden is in full bloom. It all seems so nice. And then you unfold the paper and realize it is never too early to start eyeing the liquor cabinet.

This is the sorry state we live in.

Demands for apologies abound. Daniel Ruth, Columnist, Tampa Bay (FL) Times

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This Nation Is Politically Deranged. Charles P. Pierce, Esquire*James Comey

The Justice Department Inspector General's report proves the nation became addicted to unreality.


Scholar Reza Aslan Explains Why It's Time to Treat Trump As An Enemy of the State -- Before It's Too Late

Scholar fired by CNN for anti-Trump tweets: "The country is one 9/11-style terror attack from the end of the American experiment as we know it. That’s not an exaggeration. That’s the reality that we face under this government."

Chauncey DeVegaSalon / AlterNet  Over the years, we have made a lot of powerful enemies and withstood their collective wrath. Indifference to the organization’s funding by the community it serves is by every measure a far more dangerous enemy than all the others combined.

Indifference, the true enemy. In all things.

Dave Culver, Founder,
Evergreene Digest 

Sure, I'll make a donation! Aslan at Roanoke College in 2012. Photo Credit: Roanoke College/Wikimedia Commons

April 30, 2018 | It is hardly breaking news that Trump would fail the moral and ethical standards of all the world's major religions. One much-discussed question in political science and religious studies is how Trump's evangelical supporters reconcile Trump's behavior with their supposed Christian values. Is their support for Trump purely transactional, because he and the Republican Party are willing to advance certain public policy goals? What role do racial animus and social-dominance behavior play in the relationship between evangelical Christianity and Donald Trump? Is there literally nothing the president could do that would cost him their support?

In an effort to answer these questions I recently spoke with Reza Aslan. He is the author of three books on religion, including the bestseller "Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth." He holds a divinity degree from Harvard and a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and is now a professor of creative writing at the University of California, Riverside. He is perhaps best known to the public as host of the CNN documentary series "Believer," which was canceled last summer as a direct result of Aslan's profane tweets attacking President Trump. 

Chauncey DeVega is a politics staff writer for Salon.

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Here's Why Self-Indulgent Libertarian Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

  • A window into a tempting tendency in human nature.
  • Related: The Myopic Selfishness of Libertarians

Jeremy Sherman, AlterNet Now you can follow Evergreene Digest on Twitter. May 11, 2018 | I once had a conversation with a libertarian friend who insisted that freedom was the answer to everything, ironic since he was getting married the following week.

“Freedom to have sex with others while married?” I asked.

“Of course not,” he said.

Jeremy Sherman researches how the living interpret, from their cradle at the origin of life to our current grave situation.  What advice would you give other teachers considering a strike?

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The Myopic Selfishness of Libertarians, David Horsey, Seattle Post-Intelligencer | WA

One way or another, if the problems of a city, a state or a nation are neglected, those problems will spread and eventually end up on everyone's doorstep. Forget empathy, generosity, humanitarianism or Christian charity. Be selfish, but still grasp this hard truth: Taxes are anarchy insurance, the fee we pay to guarantee we don't lose it all.

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How Punishment Sustains Patriarchy

We live in a deeply problematic and unfair world, but suddenly social awareness has solidified around the wrongness of sexual abuse, so much so that powerful men are feeling the sting of accountability for stupid and cruel behavior that until recently seemed consequence-free.

Robert Koehler, LA Progressive you like reading this article, consider joining the crew of all reader-supported Evergreene Digest by contributing the equivalent of a cafe latte a month--using the donation button above—so we can bring you more just like it.

December 25, 2017 | Al Franken the serial groper. Al Franken the scapegoat.

History proceeds clumsily. Innocent people — or “innocently guilty” people, like the junior senator from Minnesota — often get unfairly hung out to dry. Should he have to resign? As far as I can tell, his alleged sexual wrongdoings over the years consist of three butt grabs, several uninvited kisses, a breast grope and a waist squeeze. Koehler, syndicated by PeaceVoice, is a Chicago award-winning journalist and editor. He is published in Common Dreams, Counterpunch, Common Wonders Blog, The Raven Foundation, The Smirking Chimp, Gilmer Free Press, The Russophile, LA Progressive, IslamiCity.

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The “Me Too” Movement and the Rights of the Accused, Marilyn Katz, In These Times On December 15, Andrea Ramsey, a Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, announced she would drop out of a race to represent Kansas's 3rd District. In 2005, Ramsey was accused of sexually harassing a male subordinate, an accusation she has denied. As the allegations resurfaced, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee decided to withdraw its support for her campaign. "In its rush to claim the high ground in our roiling national conversation about harassment, the Democratic Party has implemented a zero tolerance standard," Ramsey said. "For me, that means a vindictive, terminated employee’s false allegations are enough for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) to decide not to support our promising campaign. We are in a national moment where rough justice stands in place of careful analysis, nuance and due process." (Image: Andrea Ramsey for Congress)

Have the men and women accused of sexual harassment lost their right to a fair hearing?

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