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Mining Truth launches campaign to highlight financial risk from PolyMet

  • Mining Truth launches campaign to highlight financial risk from PolyMet
  • $934 million damage deposit is needed to protect taxpayers
  • Sulfide mining pollution would forever change Minnesota, including the Boundary Waters, Lake Superior, and our economy. 

The Mining Truth coalition, Mining Truth | The Mining Truth coalition launched a public information campaign this week with a goal of ensuring Minnesota taxpayers are protected as permit applications are considered for PolyMet’s proposed sulfide mine in northern Minnesota. Billboards near the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources headquarters in St. Paul and along I-35 highlight the $934 million damage deposit experts say is needed to cover cleanup costs.

“PolyMet’s own permit application says polluted water from the site will require expensive treatment for decades, if not centuries, after this proposed mine closes” said Kathryn Hoffman, Executive Director of the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy. “Unless Minnesota insists on a bankruptcy-proof, upfront damage deposit, taxpayers could be left with a huge cleanup bill.”

Mining Truth is a coalition of Conservation Minnesota, Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness, and the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy formed in 2012 to provide a resource for Minnesotans to get facts about how sulfide mining and its potential impacts differ from iron mining.

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License to Kill

Robert Weissman, Public Citizen June 28, 2017 | It may be Big Business’ top priority:

Use the Trump administration not just to roll back Obama-era health, safety, environmental and financial regulatory safeguards, but to make it nearly impossible for future administrations to add new regulatory protections.

The Big Business bill to carry out this scheme is the misnamed Regulatory Accountability Act — more accurately known as the License to Kill Act. The bill’s champion is U.S. Senator Rob Portman of Ohio.

Starting today, we’re airing a hard-hitting TV ad in Senator Portman’s hometown of Cincinnati that makes clear that this gift to giant corporations would cost lives. View the ad and tell senators not to give Big Business a license to kill.

Act now.

Portman’s License to Kill bill would give giant corporations the power to block food safety standards, clean water protections, toy safety rules, workplace safety protections, rules to stop bank rip-offs and much more.

The bill would force government agencies to undergo 53 additional procedural steps before issuing a new regulatory protection — and give big corporations the right to sue over each of them.

On top of that, the bill directs agencies to focus not on how they can best protect the American public, but on how to limit the impact on corporate profits.

You can understand why this is such a priority for Big Business.

And why we absolutely can’t let the License to Kill bill become law. View our ad and add your voice to oppose this deadly proposal.

We’re going to make plain this bill’s human cost and hold its proponents accountable.

We can, and we will, stop this License to Kill.


Robert Weissman, President, Public Citizen





A report that analyzed every minimum-wage hike since 1938 should put a bunch of nonsense ideas to rest

Nick Hanauer. _

  • We have been raising the minimum wage for 78 years, and as a new study clearly reveals, 78 years of minimum-wage hikes have produced zero evidence of the "job-killing" consequences these headline writers want us to fear.
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Nick Hanauer, Business Insider 6, 2016 | From the fear-mongering headlines marking passage of $15 statutes in New York and California, you would think nobody ever dared raise the minimum wage before.

  • "Raising minimum wage risky," the Lexington (Kentucky) Herald-Leader tersely warned.
  • "Raising minimum wage hurts low-skill workers," the Detroit News bluntly declared.
  • "Even left-leaning economists say it's a gamble," Vox solemnly cautioned.

Nick Hanauer, Contributor, Business Insider

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Dehumanizing the Poor for Fun and Profit, Leo W. Gerard, Huffington Post 

  • It’s (opposition to increasing - or even having! - the minimum wage) in keeping with Republicans’ view that some workers don’t deserve human dignity because they’re only three-fifths people. 
  • Matt Taibbi | America Has A 'Profound Hatred Of The Weak And The Poor'


Series | A Living Earth Economy, Part 10: Let’s Help Trump Keep His Promises

  • Has Trump served us all in breaking things open? Only if we use the moment for serious rethinking of policy.
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David Korten, Yes! Magazine Now you can follow Evergreene Digest on Twitter.

 Which of Trump’s vague and conflicting promises will he and the Republicans honor, and which will they abandon? No one seems to know, including the president. Photo by PointImages / iStock.

Apr 19, 2017 | Donald Trump’s presidency is off to a rocky start. Political promises are easier made than kept. He needs our help.

Take health care. During the campaign, Trump promised to replace Obamacare with a plan that would cover more people, improve benefits, and lower costs. People cheered. But Trump had no plan. House Republicans came up with a plan that would cover fewer people, provide fewer benefits, and significantly raise costs for most health care consumers. Opposed from all sides, it never came up for a vote.

Now the nation wonders. Which of Trump’s vague and conflicting promises regarding health care, jobs, tax reform, fiscal responsibility, infrastructure repair, and trade will he and the Republicans honor, and which will they abandon? No one seems to know, including the president. And that creates an opportunity for adults from both Republican and Democratic parties to respond. David Korten wrote this article for YES! Magazine as part of his new series of biweekly columns on “A Living Earth Economy.” David is co-founder and board chair of YES! Magazine, president of the Living Economies Forum, co-chair of the New Economy Working Group, a member of the Club of Rome, and the author of influential books, including When Corporations Rule the World and Change the Story, Change the Future: A Living Economy for a Living Earth. His work builds on lessons from the 21 years he and his wife, Fran, lived and worked in Africa, Asia, and Latin America on a quest to end global poverty

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The World Is Better Off if We Leave the Paris AgreementSusan Matthews, Slate

 "Misery Index"

  • Will America finally realize that we are no longer the world leader we think we are?
  • Donald Trump is the only world leader who isn’t sure if climate change is real. 
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