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Can Indy Web TV Survive the Comcast/NBC Merger?


If the the Comcast/NBCU merger does indeed lead to unprecedented consolidation and a tiered Internet, then there are still several ways an independent content company can stay competitive.

Maxine Goldenson, Huffington Post

In the eyes of many independent Internet TV companies, the Comcast and NBC/Universal merger can be viewed as one of two things; a misguided business decision in the vein of the unfortunate AOL/Time Warner merger, or at worst, a tipping point that ignites an era of large-scale consolidation at the expense of competition.


The latter could create an environment in which ISP providers like Verizon and AT&T feel compelled to merge with content companies like ABC/Disney and CBS/Viacom to control how the majority of content, even those of its competitors, is delivered.