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Tell Congress: Support the Save The Internet Act

  • Huge news: Democrats in Congress have introduced new legislation that would restore the FCC’s strong Net Neutrality rules.
  • And — surprise surprise — the big internet service providers are already trying to stop this bill in its tracks.

Free Press March, 2019 | It’s an old story: Gatekeepers want to hoard their power. The open internet has been a transformative force for people of color and other marginalized communities looking to tell their own stories, organize for justice and launch and grow businesses on their own terms. And that’s a threat to the media and tech companies that wield massive economic power in our society.

Tell members of Congress to support the Save The Internet Act today.

But the internet — built on and powered by Net Neutrality — has always been different. Without it, we risk a future online experience that looks nothing like what we have today — one where companies like Comcast and Verizon can block or slow down whatever websites or content they feel like. And this isn’t just hyperbole. They’ve done it before and — without strong rules to stop them — will do it again.

Free Press  (uses) grassroots campaigns, groundbreaking research and direct advocacy to fight for your rights to connect and communicate.

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What Else You Can Do Beyond Voting

  • Part 1: Beyond Voting by Howard Zinn
  • The future of this country doesn’t depend, mainly, on who is our next President.
  • Part 2: What Else You Can Do
  • There are thousands of … organizations that (are) as important as any electoral candidate.

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Part 1: Beyond Voting by Howard Zinn

 / Image by Lynn Friedman via Flickr

We will go a long way from spectator democracy to real democracy when we understand that the future of this country doesn’t depend, mainly, on who is our next President.

Howard Zinn, Dandelion Salad

November 6, 2018 | Gossip is the opium of the American public. We lie back, close our eyes and happily inhale the stories about Roosevelt’s and Kennedy’s affairs, Lyndon Johnson’s nude swims with unnamed partners and, now, Nixon’s pathetic “final days” in office.

The latest fix is administered by reporters Woodward and Bernstein and the stuff is Nixon’s sex life with Pat, Nixon drunk and weeping, Nixon cradled in the arms of Kissinger (who did it, we presume, for national security). / Howard Zinn: historian, activist,writerand speaker

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Part 2: What Else You Can Do: 198 Methods of Nonviolent Action by David Swanson

Photo by Daniel Lobo | CC BY 2.0

There are thousands of great local, national, and global organizations that you should consider at least as important as any electoral candidate.

David Swanson, Dandelion Salad

November 6, 2018 | You’ve been radically misled to believe that the only thing, or the most important thing, or one of the super important things you can do is vote. Voting in a functioning democracy would be a fairly important thing to do, but wouldn’t somehow eliminate the thousands of important things that would also need doing. Voting in a broken democracy is a mildly important thing to do, for the reasons you know by heart, but also for this reason: Seeing so many people so eager to do something alerts everyone else to the fact that you give a damn.

“I’ve been waiting two years to do something!” This remark, common on Tuesday, must sound joyous to many ears. But if you study history and notice that change comes primarily from organizing, educating, protesting, marching, disrupting, disobeying, and creating things anew, and if you’ve spent the past many years trying to get more people to do those things, then all the “All I can do is vote, oh helpless me” comments may have you pulling your hair out.

David Swanson is the director of World Beyond War and campaign coordinator of He blogs at and His books include War is a Lie, War is Never Just, When the World Outlawed War. And he hosts Talk Radio Nation. His new book is Curing Exceptionalism; What’s wrong with how we think about the United States What can we do about it?

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'No War on Venezuela' actions take place in over 100 cities — next up March 16th!

Make your plans — get on the bus!

ANSWER Coalition stay on top of important articles like these, sign up here to receive the latest updates from all reader supported Evergreene Digest February 25, 2019 | With the threat of intervention looming, over 100 cities mobilized this past weekend to oppose a new war on Venezuela, in actions large and small, supported by hundreds of progressive and anti-war organizations. 

These actions provided an immediate and important counterpoint to the war propaganda and the Trump administration's phony "humanitarian aid" stunt. They mark the awakening of a new anti-war movement that is growing by the day. When the news of the coup attempt broke, activists in dozens of cities across the United States immediately responded with picket lines; thousands more have since joined this movement. 

New Transit Centers Added for March 16th!

Get your ticket to D.C.!
• Asheville, NC
Atlanta, GA 
link to reserve]
• Baltimore, MD
Boston, MA 
[follow link to reserve]
• Champaign-Urbana, IL
 [call 414-573-0094 to reserve]
Chicago, IL 
link to reserve]
Cincinatti, OH 
[call 513-510-9279 to reserve] 
Detroit, MI 
link to reserve]
• Madison, WI
Miami Valley, OH 
link to reserve]
• Milwaukee, WI
 [call 608-206-1756 to reserve]
• Minneapolis, MN 
[call 651-357-0613 to reserve]
New Haven, CT 
link to reserve]
New York, NY 
link to reserve]
Philadelphia, PA  [follow link to reserve]
Pittsburgh, PA 
link to reserve]

Click this link if you're interested in receiving transportation details from your area.

Next up is the March 16 National March on the White House, and it's time to start making your plans. Bus ticket and transportation information is now available from across the Midwest (as far away as Minneapolis, Minn.), and up and down the East Coast (all the way down to Atlanta, Ga. where protesters have reserved a bus to drive through the night.) Follow the links in the box to get your ticket!

Even if you cannot come on March 16, please make a donation to support these efforts and cover the cost of passengers who cannot afford a ticket.

The situation remains critical. Although the Trump administration has failed to break apart the Venezuelan state forces or provoke the Maduro government at the border, this failure will make the war-makers more aggressive. They're meeting in Colombia today with Mike Pence. Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó is calling for military intervention. Senator Marco Rubio tweeted on Sunday an image of Gaddafi just before he was murdered in 2011, a sadistic death threat explicitly calling to turn Venezuela into another Libya. 

The notion that Trump,Penceand Bolton care about the wellbeing of the Venezuelan people would be laughable were it not so dangerous. Nor do they care about the lives of U.S. service members who would be sent in to kill and be killed in another war for oil.

It is imperative that we continue to organize in solidarity with Venezuela!

The March 16 National March on Washington in front of the White House will be a rallying point for all anti-war forces in the United States.

If you are on Facebook, please click "Going" on the Event and share with your friends.  

All out to March 16th! 

Follow this link if you're interested in receiving transportation details from your area, and/or signing on as an endorser, volunteer, or transportation organizer!


Special Report | Venezuala: Violence, Propaganda, Ravenous Wolves Invading in Sheep's Clothing, Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest

  • 1: Venezuela Coup Attempt Proves that Capitalism is a Cancer that Survives Through Violence and Propaganda
  • As we hope for these factors to restrain the American empire, let’s work to end the capitalist system that let this empire come into existence in the first place.
  • Part 2: Venezuela,USAIDand European Charity: Ravenous Wolves Invading in Sheep’s Clothing
  • Our government should spend less time lecturing other countries and take care of the army of homeless veterans who are stacking up in cities across America.

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Don't Let Mercury Back in Our Air and Water

  •'t let this attack stand.
  • Related: The Anger Is Real. Let’s Do Something With It.

Heather Shelby, Environmental Defense Fund Now you can follow Evergreene Digest on Facebook

October 8, 2018 | To stop this attack in its tracks, we need public officials stepping up. Take action today, and demand your elected officials join the outcry against this disastrous proposal.

Here are the details:

The Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) protect against mercury and 84 other hazardous pollutants such as arsenic, sulfur dioxide, and lead, and the Trump Administration is now “reconsidering” the foundation upon which MATS stands. They’re just steps away from putting these crucial health protections on the chopping block.

EPA estimates that MATS save up to 11,000 lives per year and prevent thousands of heart attacks, asthma attacks and hospital visits each year. However, Trump and his administration have chosen to place the wishes of their allies before the health of children and families.’re fighting this with everything we’ve got — but to win, we need our elected officials publicly opposing this attack. Tell your members of Congress to join us!


The Anger Is Real. Let’s Do Something With It. Monika Bauerlein, Mother Jones,556 / J. Scott Applewhite/AP

Don’t let the purveyors of rage drag you down to their level.
Related: The Return of the Strike sure many more people see this. It's literally a matter of life an death. Imperial lies kill! Share widely.



The Anger Is Real. Let’s Do Something With It.,556

/ J. Scott Applewhite/AP

  • Don’t let the purveyors of rage drag you down to their level.
  • Related: The Return of the Strike.

Monika Bauerlein, Mother Jones   Journalism with real independence and integrity is a rare thing. All reader supported Evergreene Digest relies - exclusively!- on reader donations. Click on the donation button to the right to make a contribution and support our work.

September 30, 2018 | I should be writing a fundraising column right now, making the case to support Mother Jones‘ journalism at a time of truth decay. But I can’t.

Like far too many women, and not a few men, I have a head full of flashbacks—Christine Blasey Ford saying “burned into the hippocampus is the laughter,” Lindsey Graham yelling and pointing, a woman calling into C-SPAN to share, at last, what happened to her, the swirling questions of what, exactly, I could testify to from my memories of assault. 

Monika Bauerlein is CEO of Mother Jones

Full story …


The Return of the Strike, Steven Greenhouse, the American Prospect / Portside

This year, thousands of teachers, hotel workers, Google employees, and others walked off the job and won major gains. Which raises two questions: Why now? And will this continue?

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Demand Critical Congressional Hearings – Long Overdue, Avoided or Blocked.

Phil Roeder (CC BY 2.0)

Here are my suggestions for a dozen long-overdue hearings in the House of Representatives, now run by the Democrats.

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January 30, 2019 | Earlier this month I wrote a column listing twelve major redirections or reforms that most people want for our country (see: “It’s Your Congress, People!” Make it work for you!). All of which require action by Congress—the gate-keeper.  Now Congress must hold informative and investigative public hearings to inform the media and to alert and empower the people.

The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) explains a Congressional Hearing as follows:

“A hearing is a meeting or session of a Senate, House, joint, or special committee of Congress, usually open to the public, to obtain information and opinions on proposed legislation, conduct an investigation, or evaluate/oversee the activities of a government department or the implementation of a Federal law. In addition, hearings may also be purely exploratory in nature, providing testimony and data about topics of current interest.”

Here are my suggestions for a dozen long-overdue hearings in the House of Representatives, now run by the Democrats.

Ralph Nader is a consumer advocate, lawyer, and author. His latest book is The Seventeen Solutions: Bold Ideas for Our American Future. Other recent books include, The Seventeen Traditions: Lessons from an American Childhood, Getting Steamed to Overcome Corporatism: Build It Together to Win, and "Only The Super-Rich Can Save Us" (a novel).

Full story …

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Stop Betsy DeVos' attack on student sexual assault survivors.

  • Tell Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos:   "Do not eviscerate protections for student survivors of sexual harassment and assault."
  • Related: These are the obscure Trump staffers who are systematically dismantling the federal government.
  • Related: Sexual Abuse: A "Serious and Pervasive" Issue

Credo Action / Ultraviolet DeVos is trying to make it easier for schools to sweep campus sexual assault under the rug. Cheered on by conservatives and so-called men's rights groups, the Department of Education recently released proposed rule changes to Title IX, the landmark legislation that prohibits gender discrimination at schools that receive federal funding.

Betsy DeVos wants to make schools less safe. Submit a comment to stop her.

This proposed rule is designed to deter survivors from reporting harassment and assault. DeVos’ changes allow schools to ignore assaults that happen off campus and limit who students can report to. Those who do report will face a process set up to intimidate and traumatize them – not protect them. But we can stop these changes from becoming official. Before these proposed rule can go into effect, the Department of Education must make them available for public comment and then address the concerns raised in the comments. Will you submit a comment now?

Full story …


These are the obscure Trump staffers who are systematically dismantling the federal government. Josh Israel, Danielle McLean, Think Progress
Yvette Cabrera, Joshua Eaton, and Kira Lerner contributed reporting to this story.

/ Illustration by Diana Ofosu

  • Back in October (2017) a leaked Office of Management and Budget (OMB) document revealed that eight staffers are quietly poised to take an axe to domestic policy. After examining these eight members, we found they're deeply conservative and uniquely suited to dismantle or outsource major parts of the federal government.
  • Related: Republicans’ lack of alarm over the shutdown reveals a disturbing truth.


Sexual Abuse: A "Serious and Pervasive" Issue, Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest

  • Part 1: Child sex abuse called 'a serious and pervasive' issue in US society
  • Child sexual abuse in the United States is at epidemic levels.
  • Part 2: Southern Baptist Convention report on sex abuse shines a light on evangelical culture.
  • We need to take a long look at the theological and structural conditions that enable abuse
  • Part 3: Driving Change in States to Combat Sexual Harassment
  • All workers deserve a work environment free of any type of gender discrimination, including sexual harassment.
  • Related: Stop Betsy DeVos' attack on student sexual assault survivors.


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