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Understanding America’s Problem with White Supremacy

Not allowed a permit to demonstrate in Charlottesville on the anniversary, racists will be outside the White House this weekend. Photo of last year racists.

Mark Charles, Native News Online Now you can follow Evergreene Digest on Twitter. supremacists will be outside in Lafayette Square this weekend.

August 10,2018 | This weekend, a group called “Unite the Right” is planning an alt-right, “white civil rights” rally at Lafayette Square in Washington DC. The organizer, Jason Kessler, had hoped to hold the rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, but due to the violence that broke out last year, his request for a permit was denied. Last week he received final approval from the Park Service to host his rally in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, August 12.

Question: What is the difference between a white Civil Rights rally (which a majority of Americans condemn) and a national holiday honoring a Declaration of Independence that glorifies ‘discovery’ and dehumanizes native people as ‘merciless Indian savages’ (which virtually all Americans celebrate)?
I would argue there is very little difference.

Mark Charles is the son of an American woman of Dutch heritage and a Navajo man ... He also serves as the Washington correspondent for Native News Online.

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Check Your Knowledge of White Supremacy: Take Our Short Quiz, Sharon Kyle, Justice Not Jail

  • Check Your Knowledge of White Supremacy: Answers and Additional Resources
  • Related: Special Report | How the White Problem Got Made
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The Unengaged: America's Real Third Party

  • Get past the sound bites and get into the the process.
  • Just get out there. Don’t throw away your vote to the Unengaged ticket.

Erin Wathen, Irreverin with real independence and integrity is a rare thing. All reader supported Evergreene Digest relies - exclusively!- on reader donations. Click here to make a contribution and support our work.


August 7, 2018 | The church I used to serve in Phoenix shared space with a preschool. It was also a polling site in every election.
I used to set up a card table in our courtyard area, outside of where people were going in to vote, and I’d have cookies or donuts or something, and

also church brochures and swag, for anybody who wanted to stop and chat about the church. It was always a bit of happy chaos in the mornings, when all the preschool kids were getting dropped off AND neighbors were coming through to vote. Erin Wathen is the Senior Pastor of Saint Andrew Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Olathe, KS. She's a Kentucky native, a long-time desert dweller, and she writes about the sacred thread that runs through pretty much everything.

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Just Shut Up and Quit*
Nobody elected the Anonymous Heroes executing a de facto coup against Donald Trump's presidency*.

Charles P. Pierce, Esquire Now you can follow Evergreene Digest on Twitter.


Sep 5, 2018 | May I just say, for the record, to hell with this person, whoever it is.

Over the past two days, I've become increasingly annoyed by the careerist bleatings of anonymous sources who would like you to know that, by enabling El Caudillo Del Mar-a-Lago and his long, slow slide into howling madness, they are really keeping him from doing some real damage to the country, and shouldn't we all be grateful for their noble, selfless work. Charles P. Pierce is a staff writer for Grantland and the author of Idiot America. He writes regularly for Esquire, is the lead writer for’s Politics blog, and is a frequent guest on NPR.

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What the McCain Eulogies Tell Us About the Media and the Regime

  • Part 1: The Real John McCain
  • Straight Line Logic recently called John McCain a half-baked warmonger jackass, and there’s no reason his death changes that assessment.
  • Part 2: What the McCain Eulogies Tell Us About the Media and the Regime
  • So many Americans, and the opinion molders who tell them what to think, are getting ludicrously carried away.

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Part 1: The Real John McCain, by Jack Kerwick

Jack Kerwick, Straight Line Logic <>

August 26, 2018 | As soon as John McCain had been diagnosed with brain cancer, Democrats and Republicans in Washington and the press spared no opportunity to lavish praise upon this lifelong government employee.

The truth, though, is that in exchange for the billions and billions of dollars that McCain has confiscated from them for well over three decades, taxpayers have received an ever-burgeoning administrative state, relentless illegal immigration from the Third World, and, of course, war—and all while McCain has pretended to be a “conservative.”

Jack Kerwick: His area of specialization is ethics and political philosophy. He is a professor of philosophy at several colleges and universities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Jack blogs at At the Intersection of Faith & Culture.

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Part 2: What the McCain Eulogies Tell Us About the Media and the Regime

Tom Woods, Tom Woods Show 27, 2018 | People tell me I should not criticize him right now.

I do think some people are behaving in bad taste. But I do not think I am prohibited from making sober remarks at a moment when so many Americans, and the opinion molders who tell them what to think, are getting ludicrously carried away.

The phenomenon we are witnessing is so Orwellian that I can’t resist exploring it. I am less concerned with criticizing McCain — there will be ample time for that — than I am with trying to understand the regime under whichwelive, and the media lackeys that glorify it.

Tom Woods, a senior fellow of the Mises Institute, is the New York Times bestselling author of 12 books and host of the Tom Woods Show.

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"Not by Might, Nor by Power": The Zionist Betrayal of Judaism ~ Moshe Menuhin

  • With a new introduction by Adi Ophir: An early and fierce critique of Zionism from a Jewish child of Palestine who argued against nationalism and injustice.
  • Described in Barnes and Noble

Born in 1893, Moshe Menuhin was part of the inaugural class to attend the first Zionist high school in Palestine, the Herzliya gymnasium in Tel Aviv. He had grown up in aHasidichome, but eventually rejected orthodoxy while remaining dedicated to Judaism.
As a witness to the evolution of Israel, Menuhin grew disaffected with what he saw as a betrayal of the Jews’ spiritual principles. This memoir, written in 1965, is considered the first revisionist history of Zionism. A groundbreaking document, it discusses the treatment of the Palestinians, the effects of the Holocaust, the exploitation of the Mizrahi Jewish immigrants, and the use of propaganda to win over public opinion in America and among American Jews. In a postscript added after the Six-Day War, Menuhin also addresses the question of occupation. This new edition is updated with an introduction by Israeli philosopher Adi Ophir, putting Menuhin’s work into a contemporary historical context.

Moshe Menuhin, one of the early anti-Zionists, once wrote … , “Jews should be Jews—not Nazis.” He was speaking of the Israeli oppression of Palestinians.

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America’s Derangement Syndrome a Danger to World Peace

  • Insanity of any kind can lead to insane results, and the insanity being demonstrated by so much of the American governing and chattering classes could lead to a war.
  • Strategic-Culture Editorial
  • Related: From the Archives: US Administration Defends Its Right toStart Wars on a Whim

Robert Gore, Strategic Culture / Straight Line Logic

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July 22, 2018 } It is significant that Presidents Putin and Trump have both spoken out against “haters” among America’s political establishment who would rather see conflict between Russia and the United States instead of a normalization of bilateral relations.

Following their landmark, successful summit this week in Helsinki, Putin and Trump separately made public comments deploring the hostile hysterical reaction emanating from broad sections of the US political establishment and its dutiful, controlled news media.

Robert Gore is a featured writer on The Savvy Street, an online magazine, and has been on websites Zero Hedge, David Stockman’s Contra Corner, Lew Rockwell, The Automatic Earth, and The Burning Platform.

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From the Archives: US Administration Defends Its Right to Start Wars on a Whim, by Andrei Akulov, Andrei Akulov, Strategic Culture / Straight Line Logic

  • that separation of powers of stuff that if you’re old enough, you may have learned in an American Government class somewhere. If the president wants to make war, he just makes war. -- Andrei Akulov, Strategic Culture <>
  • Related: Researchers Against the War Machine - The Story of NARMIC
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From the Archives | “No civilization would tolerate what America has done.”

  • (We) have … been programmed into cruelty and apathy by (our) schools, churches, families, politics, and pop culture.
  • Institutional racism. Rampant income inequality. A broken justice system. America may never be a great society.
  • Related: Torture Is Who We Are
  • Related: Altruism and Sadism in Public Policy

David Masciotra, AlterNet / Salon If you like reading this article, consider joining the crew of all reader-supported Evergreene Digest by contributing the equivalent of a cafe latte a month--using the donation button above—so we can bring you more just like it. (Image: Lance Page / Truthout; Adapted: Sean McMenemy, Paula Bailey)

Monday, Dec 29, 2014 | It seems police can get away with anything: choking men who have surrendered; shooting unarmed teens; knocking pregnant women to the ground. While the issues involving race, civil rights and the relationship between law enforcement and communities are essential for examination and correction, few are talking about how all of this fits into the larger pattern of America’s cultural decline and decay. America has become a society addicted to violence and indifferent to the suffering of people without power. Whenever there is a combination of a culture of violence and an ethic of heartlessness, fatal abuse of authority will escalate, and the legal system will fail to address it.

Critics are right to condemn the criminal justice system for its embedded inequities and injustices, but they are hesitant to condemn the actual jurors giving killer cops get-out-of-jail-free cards. These jurors are representational of America: ignorant and cold. They hear testimony from eyewitnesses claiming Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown while he had his hands in the air, and set Wilson free without trial. They listen to reports of three officers choking Robert Saylor, an unarmed man with Down syndrome who wanted to see a movie without a ticket, and they send the police back to work. They watch video footage of police choking Eric Garner in New York, and of two police officers brutally beating Keyarika Diggles, a woman in Texas, and they decline to make them pay for it.

David Masciotra is the author of Mellencamp: American Troubadour (forthcoming, University Press of Kentucky). He writes regularly for the Daily Beast and Splice Today.

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Torture Is Who We Are, Peter Beinart, Atlantic

A country, like a person, is what it does.


Altruism and Sadism in Public Policy, David Swanson,

  • are three things that are almost always underestimated: the U.S. military budget, altruism, and sadism.
  • at Peace Resource Center of San Diego, June 23, 2018.
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Series | A Nation Under Trump, Week Ending July 28, 2018

  • Part 1: Trump’s incompetence: Secret weapon?
  • Is this terrifying bumbler the GOP’s secret weapon?
  • Part 2: Your rage at Trump is justified.
  • Your rage at Trump is justified: Don’t let scolds like the New York Times shame you for it.

Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest

Part 1: Trump’s incompetence: Secret weapon?

  • Donald Trump’s staggering incompetence: Is this terrifying bumbler the GOP’s secret weapon?
  • From the Muslim ban to zero tolerance and kids in cages: An inept president can still be an authoritarian.

Heather Digby Parton, Salon

June 22, 2018 | President Donald Trump has now been in office for a year and a half. By this time, presidents who are unfamiliar with the ways of Washington (and that is not uncommon) have gotten past the rough spots, settled into the job and figured out how to work the levers of power. Some are naturally better at it than others and some take a while to get their bearings.

Some always seem to be in the middle of political drama, while others just seem to stay placid and even-keeled, almost to the point of being boring. (The contrast between Bill Clinton and Barack Obama comes to mind.) But however they start out, a year and half in they have settled into whatever their groove is going to be, and are operating at a high level of competence. It's the presidency of the United States, after all.

Heather Digby Parton, also known as "Digby," is a contributing writer to Salon <>. She was the winner of the 2014 Hillman Prize for Opinion and Analysis Journalism.

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Part 2: Your rage at Trump is justified. De Niro at the 72nd annual Tony Awards (AP/Michael Zorn)

  • Your rage at Trump is justified: Don’t let scolds like the New York Times shame you for it.
  • There’s a myth that goodness exists independent of rage. It’s a lie to keep those being held down from rising up.

Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon

June 22, 2018 | When they go low, we go high. But even at an elevated altitude, there's plenty of breathing space to vent. Justifiable outrage isn't rude. And beware of anyone who tries to silence you by suggesting otherwise.

It's really been something to watch staunchly decorous institutions like The New York Times flail to grasp the profound repulsiveness emanating from the current administration. It's the aristocratic friend who has fallen on hard times, eating macaroni and cheese off the best china, naively wondering why their venerable family name doesn't impress the person taking their job application at Walmart. This, after all, is the same paper that recently went ahead and presumed that owning a Kate Spade handbag was "a coming-of-age ritual for a generation of American women."

Mary Elizabeth William is an American writer and commentator. She is a staff writer for the online magazine Salon. She has also written for The New York Times, The Nation, and other publications.

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