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Robert Reich: Harvard Business School is complicit in America’s widening inequality


  • It would seem worthwhile for the faculty and students of Harvard Business School, as well as those at every other major business school in America, to … ask whether maximizing shareholder value … continues to be the proper goal for the modern corporation.
  • The former secretary of labor calls out the famed university for the way it's educating our country's future CEOs.
  • What's Wrong With the American University System

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No institution is more responsible for educating the CEOs of American corporations than Harvard Business School – inculcating in them a set of ideas and principles that have resulted in a pay gap between CEOs and ordinary workers that’s gone from 20-to-1 fifty years ago to almost 300-to-1 today.

survey, released on September 6, of 1,947 Harvard Business School alumni showed them far more hopeful about the future competitiveness of American firms than about the future of American workers.

Robert B. Reich, Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley and Senior Fellow at the Blum Center for Developing Economies, was Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration. Time Magazine named him one of the ten most effective cabinet secretaries of the twentieth century. story … 


What's Wrong With the American University System, Jennie Rothenberg Gritz,

  • The Best and the Brightest Led America Off a Cliff
  • Higher ed should aspire to higher purpose
  • Teaching to Student's, Not Industry's, Needs

Q&A: What Federal Ruling Against BP Means for Oil Drilling's Future


  • More than four years after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig blew, killing 11 workers and causing the devastating Gulf oil spill—the worst in U.S. history—a federal judge has placed the blame squarely on BP.
  • The judge's ruling in the 2010 Gulf oil spill could have widespread consequences.
  • BP Pipeline Sprays Oil-Gas Mixture on 33 Acres of Alaskan Tundra

Christine Dell'Amore, National Geographic

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bp-ruling-deepwater-spill-1_83370_990x742.jpgA large plume of smoke rises from BP's Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico on April 21, 2010. Photography by Gerald Herbert, AP

September 5, 2014 | On Thursday, a judge for the U.S. District Court of Eastern Louisiana issued a ruling that BP exhibited "gross negligence" and "willful misconduct" in the lead-up to the April 2010 explosion and spill.

The ruling holds that BP is subject to "enhanced civil penalties" under the Clean Water Act, which could add up to $18 billion more in fines to the $28 billion that BP has already spent on cleanup efforts and damage claims in the Gulf. The explosion spewed more than 200 million gallons (750 million liters) of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. (Related: "Gulf Oil Spill 'Not Over': Dolphins, Turtles Dying in Record Numbers.")

Christine Dell'Amore, environment writer/editor for National Geographic News, has reported from six continents, including Antarctica. She has also written for Smithsonian magazine and the Washington Post. Christine holds a masters degree in journalism with a specialty in environmental reporting from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Her book, South Pole, was published in 2012.

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BP Pipeline Sprays Oil-Gas Mixture on 33 Acres of Alaskan Tundra, Brandon Baker, EcoWatch

  • The volume of the spill remains unknown and Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation is continuing its investigation.
  • A recent report states that the U.S. oil industry is nowhere near prepared for large oil spills.

Lee Camp | One Group of Looters Is Not Like the Other

August 21 | Which kind of looting do you prefer? (I'll give you a hint - one of these groups of people steal 1,000 times more from you.)


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Our Economy Wants You to Be In Debt—5 Things You Can Do to Take Charge

We pored through a debt-resistance manual created by former Occupiers to bring you these practical tips.

Liz Pleasant, Yes! Magazine

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bigbadwolf_555.gif/imagePhoto by Justin Hogue / Flickr.

May 21, 2014 | Last month PM Press published the Debt Resisters' Operations Manual —also known as “the DROM.” But don’t let that menacing-sounding acronym fool you: this is a book written in plain English and filled with tips and tactics for dealing with debt.

The book has been available online since September 2012, but this publishing marks the first time the manual has been printed, bound, and sold. Don't worry, you can still find a free copy online. But, hopefully, getting this book into stores will help its message reach more people—however ironic it might seem to buy one with a credit card.

Liz Pleasant wrote this article for Yes! Magazine, a national, nonprofit media organization that fuses powerful ideas with practical actions. Liz is a graduate of the University of Washington's program in Anthropology, and an online editorial intern at Yes!

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New Study Debunks Big Corporations' Argument About Taxes


  • "In the international arena, U.S. multinational firms have established themselves as world leaders in global tax avoidance strategies," Edward Kleinbard, a former chief of staff for Congress's Joint Committee on Taxation, writes.
  • Inversions are just the latest evidence. The rich want us to believe their wealth is good for us all.

Ben Hallman, Huffington Post

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n-CHIQUITA-large570.jpgChiquita Brands International Inc., is just the latest American company looking to escape the U.S. tax code by merging with a smaller overseas company. | Bloomberg via Getty Images 

08/19/2014 | Not long ago, the top executive at a large American drug company said that her company would be planting its corporate flag in the Netherlands, because the U.S. tax code is just so darn unfair.

Heather Bresch, the CEO of Mylan, told a New York Times columnist that her bid to acquire a smaller Dutch company and move ownership abroad through a controversial tactic known as an inversion was forced by Congress, which has refused to lower corporate tax rates and make U.S. businesses "more competitive."

As a patriot, she resisted until it was clear she had no other choice, she said.

Ben Hallman: Senior financial writer at Huffington Post

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The rich want us to believe their wealth is good for us all, George Monbiot, The Guardian

  • As the justifications for gross inequality collapse, only the Green party is brave enough to take on the billionaires’ boot boys.
  • The U.S. Is Even More Unequal Than You Realized.


Ruben Bolling | Pinocchio, Inc. /

Now we'll save on taxes by abandoning our country and inverting to another! Isn't that unpatriotic?


Ruben Bolling | Pinocchio, Inc. /

Business and Industry Behaving Badly, August 6, 2014


  • Profits before People
  • Part 1: Perfect storm rattles restaurants, wait staffs
  • Part 2: What Happens When You Abolish Tipping

Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest

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Part 1: Perfect storm rattles restaurants, wait staffs

Kris Jacobs, executive director of Jobs Now Coalition, couldn’t cloak her sarcasm. You know, rich waitresses are ruining everything,” she deadpanned. “I think this is going to backfire.”

Jon Tevlin, Minneapolis (MN) Star Tribune

Thanks to Evergreene Digest readers Ashley Groshek and Palma Cady for this contribution.

August 6, 2014 On Aug. 1, Blue Plate Co., which owns eight prominent restaurants in the Twin Cities, welcomed workers with a cheery message congratulating them on the new minimum wage hike.

“Today you are getting a raise!” the memo said, mentioning the additional $. 75 per hour that servers, ­bussers and bartenders will get.

Jon Tevlin: Metro Columnist, Minneapolis (MN) Star Tribune

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Part 2: What Happens When You Abolish Tipping

I got rid of gratuities at my restaurant, and our service only got better.

Jay Porter, Slate 

130812_FOOD_WaiterTipping.jpg.CROP.original-original.jpgPhoto by Dorling Kindersley/Thinkstock

Aug 14, 2014 | For more than six years, I ran a restaurant without tips.

A couple of years after opening the Linkery restaurant in San Diego, the team and I adopted a policy of adding to each dining-in check a service charge of 18 percent—a little less than our tip average had been. We also refused to accept any payment beyond that service charge. (If someone surreptitiously slipped a twenty or two under a water glass, we donated it to a rotating “charity of the month,” usually selected by a staff member or patron.)

Jay Porter operated San Diego’s farm-to-table restaurant The Linkery for about a decade; his new restaurant, Salsipuedes, will open in North Oakland later this year.

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