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U.S. Veterans Just Turned Against Donald Trump & It Is Going Viral

  • ‘If his Executive Order leads to preventable deaths, that will be on Donald Trump’s hands, and we will hold him personally accountable.’ --The veterans’ issues advocacy group VoteVets.
  • Peter Kaufmann, senior adviser to VoteVets, summed it up, saying: ‘That didn’t take long. In just his third day in office, Donald Trump screwed hundreds of thousands of veterans out of better pay, and thousands more out of potential jobs. Veterans who have families to feed, who may be saving up for a home, all of them have been let down by Donald Trump.’
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January 25, 2017 | Just when you thought that it couldn’t get any worse, among the many personal implications of Trump’s breakneck rush to implement the most radical parts of his agenda sits the fact that the Veterans Administration has been forbidden from hiring any new medical staff for the indefinite future. This hiring freeze at the VA comes alongside a total hiring freeze on every other federal agency, except the military.

Now, the VA provides crucial, life saving medical services to countless veterans who, due to cost constraints, wouldn’t be able to get that medical care elsewhere. At least, providing such medical care is what the agency is supposed to do, but in many cases in years past the agency has come up short in terms of actually fulfilling the need that exists. R. Newton: (@writingmantis). word maker for @bipartisanism. I resist fascism for a living. Follow me and join me, it's fun.

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‘American Carnage’: The Trump Era Begins, James Fallows, the Atlantic

Most presidents view inaugural addresses as a rare opportunity to appeal beyond “the base.” This was base-only.

‘American Carnage’: The Trump Era Begins

Evan Vucci / Reuters

Most presidents view inaugural addresses as a rare opportunity to appeal beyond “the base.” This was base-only.

James Fallows, the Atlantic Jan 20, 2017 | For my sins, I have read every U.S. presidential inaugural address ever given, and played a small part in writing one of them—Jimmy Carter’s, delivered 40 years ago today.

The first one I remember hearing, John F. Kennedy’s in 1961, I saw on a fuzzy black-and-white TV from my 7th-grade American history classroom in California. The arctic conditions that day in Washington practically radiated through the TV screen. I remember seeing the revered 87-year-old poet Robert Frost hunch against the wind and squint in the low-sun glare as he tried to read the special inaugural ode he had composed. Then Richard Nixon, just defeated by Kennedy in a hair’s-breadth race, reached across to block the glare with his top hat. Frost waved him off and began reciting from memory one of his best-known poems, “The Gift Outright.”

James Fallows is an American writer and journalist. He has been a national correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly for many years.

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The Issue is Not Trump. It is Us. John Pilger, CounterPunch

  • When will a genuine movement of opposition arise? Angry, eloquent, all-for-one-and-one-for all. Until real politics return to people’s lives, the enemy is not Trump, it is ourselves.
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A Hard Look at Where We Are After the 2016 Election

  • Because I have been observing these trends for quite awhile, I wanted to take a breath after the election and take a hard documented look at where we are going and how we got here.
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Ed Griffith, New Progressive Alliance

Submitted by Evergreene Digest Contributing Editor Lydia Howell 17, 2016 | 1. The Democrats are as Evil as the Republicans

We would all like to have the Democratic Party be a large strong party defending progressive ideals. It has not been such for decades. For documentation see The Democratic Party is the More Effective of Two Evils.

As a reminder the Democratic Party voted for the following in its 2016 platform.

Ed Griffith, now retired, has been Georgia lawyer, teacher, pilot in Civil Air Patrol, and Naval Officer.

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Living In The Illusion Of Democracy, Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance does not have to be this way. Everyday more people are seeing that democracy is an illusion. The fraudulent two-party debates are an example so blatant that when people understand it, then they also understand that the elections are manipulated. Once people understand that the government is illegitimate, because it is designed not to represent people, then they will have the spark to organize and mobilize in order to take action to create the future we want to see.

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The Issue is Not Trump. It is Us.

  • When will a genuine movement of opposition arise? Angry, eloquent, all-for-one-and-one-for all. Until real politics return to people’s lives, the enemy is not Trump, it is ourselves.
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John Pilger, CounterPunch Great Reasons to Get Behind Evergreene Digest

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January 17, 2017 | On the day President Trump is inaugurated, thousands of writers in the United States will express their indignation.  “In order for us to heal and move forward …,” say Writers Resist, “we wish to bypass direct political discourse, in favour of an inspired focus on the future, and how we, as writers, can be a unifying force for the protection of democracy.”

And:  “We urge local organizers and speakers to avoid using the names of politicians or adopting ‘anti’ language as the focus for their Writers Resist event. It’s important to ensure that nonprofit organizations, which are prohibited from political campaigning, will feel confident participating in and sponsoring these events.”

Thus, real protest is to be avoided, for it is not tax exempt.

John Pilger is an Australian journalist and documentary maker. One of only two to win Britain's Journalist of the Year Award twice, his documentaries have received academy awards in Britain and the US. Based in London, he is known for his polemical campaigning style: "Secretive power loathes journalists who do their job, who push back screens, peer behind façades, lift rocks. Opprobrium from on high is their badge of honour."

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The President America Deserves, Abel Cohen, Counterpunch

  • Like George Carlin said: “They call it the American dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.” Our vacuous and vicarious cult of five-minute fame, popup clickbait ads, and rehab has finally reached its hideous, waking apogee in the election of a vacationing reality star.
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The Enemy Is At Home by John Catalinotto

Not just the Trump forces but Democratic Party leaders are also the foes of the workers and oppressed peoples in the U.S. and in the world. The enemy is at home.

John Catalinotto, Workers World / dandelionsalad  Never before has so much been on the line.

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Dave & the Crew  Image by Moodycamera Photography via Flickr

January 11, 2017 | As the inauguration of the president-elect approaches, the popular movement that has arisen to oppose his reactionary program is facing a vital political decision.

The most important first step for this movement is to reject the attempt to focus the criticism of the new president on the alleged “outside intervention” in the U.S. election.

The question facing anti-racist and anti-war activists who side with the working class is how to work with this new movement to keep it from being diverted by powerful forces within the capitalist system in a pro-militarist direction.

John Catalinotto teaches mathematics at City University in New York City. He was a civilian organizer for the anti-war, anti-racist American Servicemen's Union during the U.S. war in Vietnam, since 1982 managing editor of Workers World weekly newspaper.

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Series | The Obama Legacy, Part 1: Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy Leaves Behind An Uneasy World

  • Holding firm in his view that the U.S. should do less, the president proved that inaction can have major consequences.
  • This piece is Part 1 of a series on Obama’s legacy that Evergreene Digest  will be publishing over the next weeks. 

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01/09/2017 | The bombs kept falling after they had destroyed all the hospitals.

They kept coming as international aid agencies warned about the thousands of Syrian children they could hit. didn’t pause as temperatures fell below freezing, threatening families with no shelter, or as pro-regime fighters came close enough to civilians to start killing them execution-style, in the streets and in their homes. An “evacuation” was in the offing, the government promised. Residents knew what that meant: abandoning their homes, risking arrest and torture and being shuttled to an unfamiliar region that the regime would eventually target even more brutally.

Akbar Shahid Ahmed, Foreign Affairs Reporter, the Huffington Post

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A Year Of U.S. Militarism, Marjorie Cohn, Huffington Post

Here is a rundown of U.S. foreign policy in 2016.

The Scandal and Shame of the 2016 Election

  • Part 1: The Massive Election-Rigging Scandal the Media Ignored
  • Republicans denied 7 million their right to vote, and no one seems to care.
  • Part 2: There’s No Way ‘Back’ To Civility After This Election
  • We never had it to begin with.

Compiled by David Culve, Ed., Evergreene Digest you can follow Evergreene Digest on Twitter. Photo Credit: Andrew Cline / Shutterstock  

Part 1: The Massive Election-Rigging Scandal the Media Ignored

Republicans denied 7 million their right to vote, and no one seems to care.

Thom Hartmann, Richard Greene, AlterNet

January 6, 2017 | The election of 2016 may well have been stolen—or to use Donald Trump's oft-repeated phrase—"rigged," and nobody in the media seems willing to discuss it.

The rigging was a pretty simple process, in fact: in 27 Republican-controlled states (including critical swing states) hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of people showed up to vote, but were mysteriously blocked from voting for allegedly being registered with the intent to vote in multiple states.

Thom Hartmann is an author and nationally syndicated daily talk show host. His newest book is "The Crash of 2016: The Plot to Destroy America — and What We Can Do to Stop It."

Richard Greene is the author of "Words that Shook the World: 100 Years of Unforgettable Speeches and Events."

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Part 2: There’s No Way ‘Back’ To Civility After This Election

We never had it to begin with.

Mirah Curzer, Huffington Post Reuters 

01/04/2017 | I’ve seen a lot of hand-wringing about the incivility of the 2016 presidential election. And yes, it was the ugliest election in living memory. Donald Trump has bragged about assaulting women, called for his opponent’s assassination, and slandered immigrants of all origins as terrorists and rapists.

Trump ran on an “anti-PC” platform, a platform that not only excuses but encourages open expressions of sexism and racism.

Mirah Curzer: Lawyer. Feminist. Photographer. Slurper of noodles and drinker of scotch.

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