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Nick Anderson | Coke Commercial /

Nick Anderson | Coke Commercial /


Choosing Comfort Over Truth: What It Means to Defend Woody Allen

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  • It’s easier to ignore what we know to be true, and focus on what we wish was. But the more we hold on to the things that make us comfortable and unthinking, the more people will be hurt—and the more growing room we’ll create for monsters.
  • "We would rather be ruined than changed. We would rather die in our dread than climb the cross of the moment and let our illusions die." W. H. Auden

Jessica Valenti, The Nation 

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dylan-farrow-blog480-v3.jpg Dylan Farrow (Frances Silver)

February 3, 2014 | I’ve never watched a Woody Allen movie. My parents refused to rent them after he began a “relationship” with Soon-Yi Previn and their explanation stuck with me through adulthood. I was around 13 years old at the time, and always looking to pick a fight—I asked why it mattered since Previn wasn’t his “real” daughter. My parents sat me down and talked about the responsibility adults have to children, and certain boundaries that parents and parental figures must respect.

As I grew older—as I had teachers come on to me as a teen, as I experienced the way grown men get away with sexualizing girls—I understood the significance of what my parents told me. Today, as an adult, I know that when we make excuses for particular, powerful men who hurt women, we make the world more comfortable for all abusers. And that this cultural cognitive dissonance around sexual assault and abuse is building a safety net for perpetrators that we should all be ashamed of.

Jessica Valenti is the founder of, which Columbia Journalism Review calls “head and shoulders above almost any writing on women’s issues in mainstream media.” Jessica was the recipient of the 2011 Hillman Journalism Prize and was called one of the Top 100 Inspiring Women in the world by the Guardian.

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An Open Letter From Dylan Farrow, Nicholas Kristoff, New York (NY) Times

  • What’s your favorite Woody Allen movie? Before you answer, you should know: when I was seven years old, Woody Allen took me by the hand and led me into a dim, closet-like attic on the second floor of our house. He told me to lay on my stomach and play with my brother’s electric train set. Then he sexually assaulted me. He talked to me while he did it, whispering that I was a good girl, that this was our secret, promising that we’d go to Paris and I’d be a star in his movies. I remember staring at that toy train, focusing on it as it traveled in its circle around the attic. To this day, I find it difficult to look at toy trains.
  • Nicholas Kristof, a columnist for The New York Times since 2001, won the Pulitzer Prize two times, in 1990 and 2006. In 2012, he was a Pulitzer finalist in Commentary for his 2011 columns that often focused on the disenfranchised in many parts of the world.



The Super Bowl of War: Three Decades of Failure in Afghanistan


  • This dud's for you!
  • There Has Been An Average Of One School Shooting Every Other School Day So Far This Year

Robert Scheer, Truthdig

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Lt. Chuck Nadd and his girlfriend wave as they ride on the famously red Budweiser beer wagon pulled by Clydesdales in a parade in Winter Park, Fla. The brewer fashioned an ad around the parade that ran during the Super Bowl. (AP Photo/Anheuser-Busch) 

Feb 3, 2014 | A Budweiser commercial during the Super Bowl, that annual celebration of violence as sport, featured a most joyous homecoming for a U.S. veteran of the Afghan War. It was a fitting tribute to the fact that he survived, but you would have to be drunk on Bud not to notice that the three decades since the United States first meddled in Afghanistan have been an unequivocal disaster and that those who did not survive—NATO combatants and far larger number of Afghan natives—died in vain.

This was a point made clearly but largely unnoticed on that day of obligatory patriotic flag waving in an interview with Hamid Karzai, the U.S. anointed leader of Afghanistan, who told British newspaper The Sunday Times of London that “I saw no good” resulting from yet another American adventure in imperial democracy.

Robert Scheer is the editor of TruthDig. A journalist with over 30 years experience, Scheer has built his reputation on the strength of his social and political writing. His columns have appeared in newspapers across the country, and his in-depth interviews have made headlines. 

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There Has Been An Average Of One School Shooting Every Other School Day So Far This Year, Adam Peck, Think Progress

Tar Sands & Keystone XL are more Dangerous than an Iranian Atomic Bomb

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  • If you approve Keystone XL and become an enabler of tar sands, you will not only lose that opportunity (to enter the history books for your second term achievements), you will be remembered as a second Nero, who fiddled while Rome burned.
  • Breaking: Update on Keystone XL

Juan ColeInformed Comment

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tarsandsaction (CC BY 2.0)tarsandsaction

Feb. 4, 2014 | Dear President Obama:

You have said repeatedly that if negotiations with Iran do not limit its nuclear enrichment activities solely to peaceful uses, i.e. production of fuel for energy plants, that you would be willing to go to war with that country to ensure that it does not develop an atomic bomb. Some prominent American politicians, such as Senator Lindsey Graham, do not want to wait for negotiations and would like to launch that war today.

But atomic weapons are possessed by Israel, Britain, France, China, Russia, Pakistan, India and the United States, and only two have ever been detonated in anger. Atomic bombs are defensive weapons, not offensive ones, because deploying them aggressively would usually exact too heavy a toll for the aggressor to bear in consequence.

Juan Cole is an American scholar, public intellectual, and historian of the modern Middle East and South Asia. He is Richard P. Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History at the University of Michigan.

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Breaking: Update on Keystone XL, Duncan Meisel,

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Here's an ad about R--skins that its makers don't have the money to show during Sunday's Superbowl

  • The NCAI is not a wealthy organization and cannot buy a television slot during the Super Bowl to run its ad. But you can help make it go viral by emailing it, tweeting it and putting it on your Facebook or other social media pages.
  • Ending the Legacy of Racism in Sports & the Era of Harmful "Indian" Sports Mascots

Meteor Blades, Daily Kos

Submitted by Evergreene Digest Contributing Editor Betty Culver

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Friday, January 31, 2014 | That wonderful video, "Proud to Be," was released by the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) just in time for the Super Bowl in its effort to eliminate the offensive R--skins from the national vocabulary and let people know that we Indians are not mascots.

For decades, the 70-year-old NCAI has sought with considerable success to eliminate racist mascots and nicknames from high school, college and professional sports teams. Team after team, across the nation, the offensive names have fallen.

Meteor Blades (aka Timothy Lang) is a correspondent for Daily Kos.

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Ending the Legacy of Racism in Sports & the Era of Harmful "Indian" Sports Mascots, National Congress of American Indians

October 2013 | “Indian” sports brands used by professional teams were born in an era when racism and bigotry were accepted by the dominant culture. These brands which have grown to become multi-million dollar franchises were established at a time when the practice of using racial epithets and slurs as marketing slogans were a common practice among white owners seeking to capitalize on cultural superiority and racial tensions.

David Simon on America as a Horror Show

  • Journalist and creator of the TV series The Wire talks about the crisis of capitalism in America and how it’s dividing our country.
  • How the cult of shareholder value wrecked American business
  • The Meaning of Decent Society

Bill Moyers, Moyers & Company January 31, 2014 | This week on Moyers & Company, David Simon, journalist and creator of the TV series The Wire and Treme, talks with Bill about the crisis of capitalism in America. After President Barack Obama’s annual State of the Union address, it’s a reality check from someone who artfully uses television drama to report on the state of America from an entirely different perspective — the bottom up.

“The horror show is we are going to be slaves to profit. Some of us are going to be higher on the pyramid and we’ll count ourselves lucky and many many more will be marginalized and destroyed,” Simon tells Moyers. He blames a “purchased” Congress for failing America’s citizens, leading many of them to give up on politics altogether.

David Simon is an American author, journalist, and a writer/producer of television series. He worked for the Baltimore Sun City Desk for twelve years and wrote Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets.

Bill Moyers is an American journalist and liberal public commentator. He served as White House Press Secretary in the Johnson administration from 1965 to 1967. He also worked as a network TV news commentator for ten years.

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How the cult of shareholder value wrecked American business, Steven Pearlstein, Washington (DC) Post

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  • If you are the sole proprietor of a business, do you think that you can motivate your employees for maximum performance by encouraging them simply to make more money for you? Of course not. But that is effectively what an enterprise is saying when it states that its purpose is to maximize profit for its (financial) investors.
  • Let the Sun Shine In


The Meaning of Decent Society, Robert Reich,

  • The question of how to bring about greater justice and inclusiveness is as American as apple pie. It has animated our efforts for more than a century – during the Progressive Era, the New Deal, the Great Society, and beyond — to make capitalism work for the betterment of all rather merely than the enrichment of a few.
  • Fear is Why Workers in Red States Vote Against Their Economic Self-interest

Breaking: Update on Keystone XL


Duncan Meisel,

Keystone_XL_Job_KillerJanuary 31, 2014 | Today the State Department released its Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) on Keystone XL, starting the official countdown to a final decision by President Obama on the pipeline.

Big oil hand-picked the reviewers of the pipeline, which means the report avoids taking a stand on the pipeline’s climate impacts -- leaving the ball entirely in President Obama’s court. As always, he has all the evidence he needs to reject the pipeline.

The last time State released an FEIS about Keystone XL in 2011, 59 people were arrested that same day just outside the White House in what was just day 6 of a two week sit-in to stop the pipeline. Those sit-ins grew to actions across the country, which grew to a historic rally that surrounded the White House and forced President Obama to delay the pipeline, keeping millions of barrels of oil in the ground and millions of dollars out of the hands of big oil.

In other words, today is just the starting point for the next crucial phase of this fight. Together, I believe we can once more stop the pipeline.

We won’t do it by relying on the State Department, whose process has been riddled with conflicts of interest and big oil’s money. Nor by relying on the President’s good intentions — his lofty rhetoric about climate change has been betrayed too many times by weak action and backtracking.

As we showed in 2011, the only time you can count on the President is when you have him completely surrounded. And so it’s up to us to mobilize again, and put the pressure on from all sides.

Step one is to show our resolve and disappointment in this broken process. On Monday night, all across the country, people will be gathering to mark this moment together at protest vigils, where we will light the night with our resolve to keep fighting. We need to show the media, big oil and the President that this movement is mobilized and unafraid. Can you be there?

Raised_FistClick here to look for an event near you, and sign up to host if there isn't one near you.

Step two is to set some firm plans. Next Tuesday, Feb 4th the night after the protest vigils, 350 will host an online video chat to lay out some ideas for what we can do to put the pressure on President Obama over the coming months. Click here to RSVP, and we’ll send you a reminder when it happens.

Keystone XL is a critical piece in big oil’s plan to dig up and burn all of the tar sands. We’ll continue to face them down on other fronts too -- East, West, South; by rail or pipe -- to keep this oil in the ground.

Big oil wants you to believe that today’s report means this fight is over. And that’s the difference between us and them.

  • Where they see a finish line, we see the starting blocks.
  • Where they see a pipeline route, we see homes, and farmland. 
  • Where they see an export facility, we see a community struggling to breathe. 
  • Where they see an oil patch, we see a boreal forest and the violation of treaties.
  • Where they see a bottom line, we see our future on the line.

And that’s why this is just another beginning. Let’s roll!

Duncan Meisel is a Brooklyn based climate justice activist, Digital Campaigner for, and a cyclist. 


Troubling New Scandal Emerges in Keystone XL Saga, Beth Buczynski,

  • Another scandal has emerged in a Keystone XL saga that drips with corruption and collusion. Politico reports that, in addition to being on TransCanada’s payroll, “A contractor that worked on the State Department’s environmental review of the Keystone XL pipeline is a member of several energy industry groups that have urged the government to support the project.”
  • Keystone Pipeline: 125 Dents & other damage already!


BP Deepwater Supervisors Must Face Manslaughter Rap, Pakalolo, Daily Kos

  • Judge Duval also noted that if the facts alleged in the case are true, it would be “difficult” to prove that the supervisors did not expect to be punished for their negligence.
  • 3 Years Of Gulf Oil Spill Photos Show Ongoing Impact

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