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No Debate: How the Republican and Democratic Parties Secretly Control the Presidential Debates

You’re not going to see any third party voices in tonight’s debate. The Republican, Democratic parties, who exert near absolute control over these public forums, have determined and made sure that no third party voices are ever seen on the debate stage and can challenge their dominance of our political system.

Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!

Evergreene Digest Editor's Note: Although this broadcast is from October, 2008, and the political layers are different than present, it presents many issues, problems, concerns, and solutions that are as valid today as they were then.

(October 2, 2008) The Obama and McCain campaigns jointly negotiated a detailed secret contract dictating the terms of all the 2008 debates. This includes who gets to participate, as well as the topics raised during the debates. We speak to Open Debates founder and executive director George Farah. [includes rush transcript]

Guest: George Farah, executive director and founder of Open Debates. He is the author of No Debate: How the Republican and Democratic Parties Secretly Control the Presidential Debates.

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Ralph Nader | The Media On Presidential Campaigns, Ralph Nader, Eurasia Review

  • The media should engage in some serious introspection!
  • Mainstream media: Report the facts and call out candidates when they lie

The Democratic Party is a Big Fraud

  • A Sorry Spectacle
  • Obama’s Double-Speak at the DNC
  • Make Your Vote Count for Socialism

Dave Lindorff, Counterpunch

(September 10, 2012) Just looking at the video images of the two conventions — the Republican one last week in Tampa, Florida, and this week’s Democratic convention in Charlotte, NC — one can see the fundamental contrast between the rank-and-file of the two parties.

They are really and truly different cohorts.

Scanning the Republican delegates and convention-goers in Tampa, one labors mightily to find even one black face, or even an obvious brown latino face or an asian face.  It is a white, and predominantly male, crowd that one sees.  It is also an angry crowd, cheering at the venom spewed against Democrats, welfare recipients, immigrants and others who are not part of the “real America,” of allegedly self-reliant white men.

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Obama’s Double-Speak at the DNC, Daniel Kovalik, Counterpunch
Sounding very much like his predecessor, George W. Bush, President Obama engaged in a very calculated act of misdirection and obfuscation at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) to continue justifying his unprovoked acts of war abroad.

Make Your Vote Count for Socialism, Scott Tucker, Truthdig

  • Ever since the First World War, the Socialist Party has taken the position that a class conscious movement of workers must by necessity also be a movement working against militarism in culture and in the economy.
  • Martin Luther King’s 1967 Riverside Church Speech

Romney Jumps the Shark: Libya, Egypt and the Butterfly Effect

This is a non-film and a non-story, a fraud, promoted by the worst people in each culture.

Juan Cole, Informed Comment

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(Sep 9, 2012) The late science fiction writer Ray Bradbury authored a short story about time travelers. They were careful, when they went back to the Jurassic, not to change anything, but one of them stepped on a butterfly. When they got back to the present, the world was slightly different.

When scientists studying complexity put forward the idea that small initial events could have large effects in non-linear, dynamic systems like the weather, they chose the term ‘butterfly effect.” One of the images students of weather instanced was that a butterfly flapping its wings might set off minor turbulence that ultimately turned into a hurricane. (In the older model of Newtonian physics, small events have small effects and large events have large effects, so you wouldn’t expect a minor action to produce big changes).

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Live Coverage: Occupy Worldwide, September 16

  • The seed planted on September 17th in New York City has grown into a national and international movement. Occupy Wall Street has branched out with hundreds of groups organizing Occupy protests in their own communities. Reader Supported News highlights some of the more significant actions from around the country here. Share this page with your friends and associates and check back often for the latest developments.
  • 11 new items including:
    • New Tactics in Creative Resistance
    • Nine Arrested During 'Occupy Monsanto' Protest in Oxnard
    • Occupate il Teatro
    • Judge: Twitter Must Produce Occupy Protester's Tweets
    • 99% To Wall Street: We're Coming For You! - Actions Set for Sept. 15, 16 and 17 As Year Two Begins
    • Seeing Red: Chicago Teachers Elevate Anti-Privatization Fight to National Level
    • Stand Against Rahm!
    • Year One: Occupy Wall Street Plans Anniversary Protest of Wall Street
    • Occupy Protesters Face Eviction With End of DNC
    • Occupy is Back!
    • A Minnesota Miracle

Reader Supported News

Week of September 16

New Tactics in Creative Resistance, Nadine Bloch, Waging Nonviolence

  • (September 12, 2012) Slowly, I am learning to embrace the electronic world in an effort to harness ever more tools for revolution. Though I still don't tweet, I have had the chance to be involved in several online webinars, have used Facebook as a tool for outreach and event organizing, have almost drowned in Google Docs to cowrite books in a cloud, and, now, this week, am co-hosting a virtual dialogue that spans seven days and as many continents in a keystroke.
  • So, here's your invitation to "Cultural Resistance: The Arts of Protest." It's part of a monthly online dialogue series for the website New Tactics in Human Rights, a project of the Center for Victims of Torture, this time in collaboration with Waging Nonviolence. It runs from today until September 18 and will be open to anyone in the 4,000-plus New Tactics online community, representing more than 120 countries. Anyone can join.

Nine Arrested During 'Occupy Monsanto' Protest in Oxnard, Ricardo Lopez, Los Angeles (CA) Times

  • (September 12, 2012) Nine protesters were arrested Wednesday on suspicion of trespassing after blocking access to a Monsanto seed distribution center in Oxnard, group organizers said.
  • Those arrested were part of a decentralized network of food activists and Occupy protesters, said Adam Eidenger, a spokesman for the Occupy Monsanto group.
  • Their aim is to protest Monsanto's sales of genetically modified seeds, he said. They also sought to bring attention to Proposition 37, a ballot initiative set to come before California voters this fall.

Clockwise from top left: a packed house at the artist occupied Teatro Valle in Rome; a May performance of Sleeping Beauty; a June ballet by choreographer Enzo Celli. (Photos courtesy of Valeria Tomasulo/Valle)

Occupate il Teatro, Alberto Mucci, In These Times
(September 12, 2012) When a group of artists took over the Teatro Valle, Rome's oldest theater, in June 2011, nobody thought they would last long. Yet the artists, actors and crew members who first barricaded themselves in Valle soon grew into a crowd of fierce Occupiers who under the national media spotlight became the country's foremost anti-austerity crusaders.

Judge: Twitter Must Produce Occupy Protester's Tweets,  Joseph Ax, Reuters
(September 12, 2012) Twitter must hand over the tweets of an Occupy Wall Street protester to Manhattan prosecutors by Friday or face civil contempt and a hefty fine, a New York City judge said on Tuesday.
Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Matthew Sciarrino told a lawyer for Twitter that the San Francisco-based social media company had had 73 days to comply with his June 30 ruling ordering it to produce nearly three months' worth of tweets from Malcolm Harris. The Occupy member was arrested during a mass march across the Brooklyn Bridge last October.

99% To Wall Street: We're Coming For You! - Actions Set for Sept. 15, 16 and 17 As Year Two Begins, Occupy Wall Street

  • (September 12, 2012) Occupy Wall Street Continues Pushback Against 1% Greed -  "All Roads Lead to Wall Street"
  • The 99%? "Of course, they're fighting back after 30 years of being shot at." - Bill Gross, manager of the world's largest mutual fund
  • September 17, 2012 marks the beginning of year two of Occupy Wall Street (OWS). Under the banner All Roads Lead to Wall Street three days of education, celebration and resistance to economic injustice are planned for September 15-17, with convergences and assemblies, concerts, and some of OWS’s famous direct action planned for 7 AM, September 17th at the New York Stock Exchange. Solidarity actions are being planned in dozens of cities across the country.

Seeing Red: Chicago Teachers Elevate Anti-Privatization Fight to National Level,
(September 12, 2012) When a teachers' strike started to look like a realistic possibility earlier this spring, CPS Chief Communications Officer Becky Carroll warned the readers of Catalyst, "Any talk of a strike is the wrong message to send our schools, students and taxpayers." For her, and the rest of the privatization evangelists at CPS, the "right" message is simple - shut up and do what you're told.

Stand Against Rahm! Rick Perlstein, Salon
(September 12, 2012) First Wisconsin. Then Occupy. Now Chicago. The teachers' strike is the next chapter in the fight against plutocracy.

Year One: Occupy Wall Street Plans Anniversary Protest of Wall Street, Allison Kilkenny, the Nation

  • (September 10, 2012) Occupy Wall Street, one of the largest grassroots mass movements in U.S. history, celebrates its one year anniversary next week on September 17, and the group has planned not only a day of protest and direct action, but also weekend workshops in which protesters will bring awareness to ongoing projects, and lay out Occupy's vision for what will happen Sept 18 and beyond. The week leading up to Occupy's anniversary will include training in direct action, reflection on the past year of popular resistance, and ultimately the Sept. 17 action on Wall Street.
  • Washington Square Park on Sept. 15 will be a site of convergence, for gathering and information sharing under the banner of "Education for Liberation," according to Nina Mehta, an Occupy organizer who has been working the convergence spaces around S17.

Occupy Protesters Face Eviction With End of DNC, WHIO-TV
(September 17, 2012) The protesters who are camped out at Marshall Park in uptown Charlotte only have a few hours before police said they will make them leave.

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Occupy is Back!  Rabbi Michael LernerBeyt Tikkun Synagogue
Religious and secular humanist groups to demonstrate on Rosh Hashanah against the Large Banks.

A Minnesota Miracle, Ryan Greenwood, MN United

  • With your help, ...we (will) make history in November by becoming the very first state to say 'no' to limiting the freedom to marry.
  • The One-Two Punch
  • The Thoughtful Voter’s Guide to Same-Sex Marriage

Make Your Vote Count for Socialism


  • Ever since the First World War, the Socialist Party has taken the position that a class conscious movement of workers must by necessity also be a movement working against militarism in culture and in the economy.
  • Martin Luther King’s 1967 Riverside Church Speech

Scott Tucker, Truthdig

Stewart Alexander, Socialist Party presidential candidate in 2012. Lillian Thurston

(February 28, 2012) Stewart Alexander believes fair elections are worth a fair fight and he’s asking for your vote. The Occupy Wall Street movement encouraged a more honest discussion of class and capitalism in this country, but Alexander is not simply a critic of big banks and high finance. He is a democratic socialist, an African-American community activist and the presidential candidate of the Socialist Party in 2012.

Alexander believes the candidate of “hope and change” is a defender of the status quo and of corporate rule.

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Martin Luther King’s 1967 Riverside Church Speech, Frank Paynter,

  • Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence
  • Declaration of Independence from the War in Vietnam
  • Delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, April 1967, At Manhattan’s Riverside Church

Poll: Bachmann in danger

  • A new survey provided exclusively to Salon shows the Minnesota congresswoman's lead down to just 2 points
  • Graves has the best shot at beating Bachmann of any Democrat since the congresswoman was first elected in 2006, thanks in large part to the absence of a third-party candidate.
  • Jim Graves, Democratic challenger to Rep. Michele Bachmann

Alex Seitz-Wald, Salon

This article is made possible with the generous contributions of
all reader supported Evergreene Digest readers like you. Thank you!

(Credit: Reuters/Jim Young)

Despite her national fan base and a massive war chest, Rep. Michele Bachmann may be in more danger than most suspect, with a new poll showing her lead diminished to just 2 points. Independent voters have swung against her by nearly 20 points in just two months, from a 4 percent advantage to a 15 point disadvantage. The internal poll, conducted by Democratic pollsters Greenberg Quinlan Rosner at the behest of Democrat Jim Graves’ campaign and shared with Salon, shows that Bachmann’s favorability rating has tumbled since their last survey in mid-June, and finds Graves gaining ground with independents as his name recognition grows.

Overall, the poll shows Bachmann leading Graves 48-46 percent, within the margin of error. The race has moved significantly among independents, with a 20-point net shift toward Graves, from a 41-45 percent disadvantage in June to a 52-37 percent lead now. Among independents, Bachmann’s favorability rating has slipped 4 points while her unfavorability rating has jumped 7 points. Overall, she’s viewed mostly negatively. Among all voters, 40 percent give her a positive job rating, while a sizable 57 percent give her a negative one, with a plurality of 35 percent giving the most negative answer possible — “poor.”

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Jim Graves, Democratic challenger to Rep. Michele Bachmann: The City Pages interview, Aaron Rupar, City Pages
During an interview with City Pages, Graves -- a wildly successful businessman who created the AmericInn motel chain before founding his luxury-focused Graves Hospitality company -- suggested he probably wouldn't have launched a political career if his native 6th Congressional District were represented by somebody other than Bachmann.


Perpetual War

For those who belong to the military-industrial complex, perpetual war is a blessing, but for the majority of the people of the world it is a curse. Since we who oppose war are the vast majority, can we not make our wills felt?

John Scales Avery,

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(September 7, 2012) Because the world spends roughly a trillion dollars each year on armaments, it follows that very many people make their living from war. This is the reason why it is correct to speak of war as a social, political and economic institution, and also one of the main reasons why war persists, although everyone realizes that it is the cause of much of the suffering of humanity.

We know that war is madness, but it persists. We know that it threatens the survival of our species, but it persists, entrenched in the attitudes of historians, newspaper editors and television producers, entrenched in the methods by which politicians finance their campaigns, and entrenched in the financial power of arms manufacturers - entrenched also in the ponderous and costly hardware of war, the fleets of warships, bombers, tanks, nuclear missiles and so on.

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Nygaard Notes #511 | "The New American Way of War" in the Media, Jeff Nygaard, Nygaard Notes

  • "The new American way of war" is but a new strategy in service to a very old goal, which is the maintenance of the global U.S. military hegemony that began after World War II and took on new life with the demise of its only perceived rival, the Soviet Union, 20 years ago.
  • Special Project | The Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, & Iran: Week of July 29



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