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Push puts Minnesota near goal of ending veteran homelessness.
Gallery: With the help of Housing Coordinator Genevieve Pelrine of Start Today Hennepin, Robert Kleen was able to get an affordable lease on a studio in downtown Minneapolis. Richard Tsong-Taataril - Minneapolis (MN) Star Tribune <>

  • A goal that once seemed unattainable — securing safe and stable housing for every veteran known to be homeless — is now within reach. 
  • State getting all vets off the street.
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Chris Serres, Minneapolis (MN) Star Tribune Related Star Tribune Stories

/ February 9, 2019 | A bitter, subzero wind lashed at their clothing as an aging couple and their small family of pets — three cats and a bulldog — emerged from a rusted Chevrolet Malibu packed to the ceiling with their belongings.

The couple, Mark and Marjorie Kray, had spent most of the past three years sleeping in their car, moving from highway rest stops to store parking lots on the outer edges of the Twin Cities. Bleary-eyed and cold, they braced themselves for disappointment as they entered a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs office in downtown Minneapolis.

Chris Serres covers social services for the Star Tribune.

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Homeless America ~ Chris Hedges, Chris Hedges, Truthdig / Rise Up Times


  •"I am the voice you never hear,
 If I spoke would you listen?"
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The market will not fix Twin Cities' affordable housing crisis. Carol Becker, Minneapolis (MN) Star Tribune Seattle skyline. / iStock

  • Developers are building new luxury units in the metro, but they are out of reach for most. Without subsidies, that math won't change. 
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The Military-Media Complex

  • Part 1: Militarism in the Media, World Beyond War
  • Discussing the role of the media in promoting violence and warfare.
  • Part 2: Highlights of #NoWar2018
  • This video reduces a day and a half to 1 hour.
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Part 1: Militarism in the Media, World Beyond War

/ Militarism in the Media: On January 15, 2019, 100 participants joined our webinar featuring experts Rose Dyson and Jeff Cohen discussing the role of the media in promoting violence and warfare.

Rise Up Times watching this video on, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser.

February 4, 2019 | Militarism is the “elephant in the room,” says FAIR founder Jeff Cohen. Former TV pundit for MSNBC, CNN, and Fox, Jeff was fired for shedding light on the perils of U.S. interventionism and in particular, for opposing the invasion of Iraq on the air. Rose Dyson, President of Canadians Concerned About Violence in Entertainment, expresses concern about the culture of war that is perpetuated by TV, music, video games, and social media.

Rise Up Times: Media for Justice and Peace

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Part 2: Highlights of #NoWar2018

World Beyond War This video reduces a day and a half to 1 hour. If you like what you see, the full videos are in this playlist, more on the conference is here  and you can join the movement to end all war here.

World Beyond War: a global movement to end all wars

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From the Archives | Special Report: The Media and War: Week of June 29, 2014, Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest

How the Media Doesn't Give Peace a Chance Signe Wilkinson

8 New items including:

  • The Media and War, June 27, 2014
  • Iraq War Boosters Get Second Chance In Media Spotlight
  • Propaganda and nonsense: Even more New York Times hypocrisy
  • What the US Media Won't Tell You About Ukraine
  • Syria | Shameful Performance of Western Media
  • How the Media Doesn't Give Peace a Chance
  • Nygaard Notes #511 | "The New American Way of War" in the Media
  • "Progressive" Journalism's Legacy of Deceit,


Your Complete Guide to the N.Y. Times’ Support of U.S.-Backed Coups in Latin America, Adam H. Johnson, Truthdig  / Rise Up Times / Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro flashes victory signs, declaring he will prevail amid a "coup," during a press conference at Miraflores presidential palace in Caracas, Venezuela, on Friday. (Ariana Cubillos / AP)

  • Do the U.S. and its allies have a moral or ethical right to determine the political future of Venezuela?
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The ‘War on Terror’ Has Utterly Failed – Global Terrorism Has Dramatically Increased Since 9/11

Since 9/11, the regions where the U.S. military has been most active - countries in Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia - have seen a five-fold increase in violent attacks.

Jon QueallyCommon Dreams / Alternet Now you can follow Evergreene Digest on Facebook

September 17, 2018 | In the 17 years since the events of Sept. 11 2001, after which the United States declared a "global war on terror," there has not been a terrorist attack of similar size or magnitude on American soil.

However, according to findings in a new congressionally mandated report by the United States Institute of Peace—authored by members of a federal task force focused on extremism—nations around the world have suffered a five-fold increase in terrorist attacks following the post-9/11 policies unleashed by the U.S. and its allies.

Jon Queally: As seen in Mint Press News, AlterNet, RawStory, Common Dreams, Truthout, Truthdig, In These Times, EcoWatch,, Wisconsin Gazette, Green Builder Magazine and more

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Nearly 40,000 People Died From Guns in U.S. Last Year, Highest in 50 Years.

 / Last year was the third consecutive year that the rate of firearm deaths rose in the United States. While public mass shootings like the one in Las Vegas make up a small percentage of firearm deaths, they have changed the national conversation.Credit Zackary Canepari for the New York Times

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Sarah Mervosh, New York (NY) Times Now you can follow Evergreene Digest on Facebook <> / Dec. 18, 2018 | Last year was the third consecutive year that the rate of firearm deaths rose in the United States. While public mass shootings like the one in Las Vegas make up a small percentage of firearm deaths, they have changed the national conversation. CreditCreditZackary Canepari for The New York Times

More people died from firearm injuries in the United States last year than in any other year since at least 1968, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

There were 39,773 gun deaths in 2017, up by more than 1,000 from the year before. Nearly two-thirds were suicides. It was the largest yearly total on record in the C.D.C.’s electronic database, which goes back 50 years, and reflects the sheer number of lives lost.

Sarah Mervosh covers breaking news for the New York Times. She was previously an investigative reporter at The Dallas Morning News. Her background is primarily in covering criminal justice and legal issues.

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Hospitals Are Trying To Do What Politicians Haven’t: Stop Gun Violence. Nick Wing, Huff Post / Not content to simply patch up injuries, hospital-based violence intervention programs around the U.S. are helping to change the lives of survivors. sure many more people see this. It's literally a matter of life an death. Imperial lies kill! Share widely.


Matt Taibbi and the Truths He Spoke Against the Industries of Death

“Political power in this country is not divided between right and left, and not even between rich and poor. The real line is between a war party, and everyone else.” ~ Matt Taibbi

Teodrose Fikre, Ghion Journal 22, 2018 | In a stunning departure from mainstream media orthodoxy, Matt Taibbi wrote an article for Rolling Stone about Trump’s announced pullout from Syria that rebuked the never-ending and bipartisan clamor for war. Instead of going along with the establishment punditry and echoing the talking points of arm chair generals, Taibbi methodically took apart the case for our continued presence in Syria. In a display of courage that is sorely lacking in our supposed “free-press”, he detailed the appalling costs of war—the human toll and the financial waste—which have been deftly hidden by industries that profit from the proliferation of bombs and bullets.

Too many Americans have been shielded from the horrors that are unleashed by the military-financial complex. The bloody reality of riddled bodies and shattered lives has been sanitized by propagandists who put on the guise of reporters—human suffering hidden by euphemisms, technology and distance. Taibbi made it his intention to speak against these distortions that are purveyed by professional dissimulators who commit journalistic malpractice on a regular basis. From the outset, Taibbi brings to light the lunacy of the perpetual “War on Terror” that has done everything to perpetuate terror while making us less safe. / Teodrose Fikre is the editor and founder of the Ghion Journal. A published author and prolific writer, a once defense consultant was profoundly changed by a two year journey of hardship and struggle. Going from a life of upper-middle class privilege to a time spent with the huddled masses taught Teodrose a valuable lesson in the essence of togetherness and the need to speak against injustice.

Matt Taibbi is a contributing editor for Rolling Stone and winner of the 2008 National Magazine Award for columns and commentary.

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We Need To Stop Normalizing Pro-War Voices In Mainstream Discourse.

When (media outlets, college campuses, and political parties) normalize advocacy for war ... protests need to be held against them. This would bring us closer towards a society that isn’t defined by hate and violence, but by a dedication to peace.

Rainer Shea, Revolution Didpatch Now you can follow Evergreene Digest on Facebook, December2,2018 | It’s strange that while neo-Nazis and white nationalists are almost universally seen as dangerous and toxic, and are typically rejected from media platforms, the figures who advocate for imperialist war are welcomed into mainstream discourse without hesitation.

After all, it’s been statistically shown that these groups are responsible for similar amounts of death and destruction. Since World War II, the United States has carried out invasions in 37 countries. The combined deaths from these wars has now reached over 20 million, with around 5 million of the people killed being Muslims who’ve died in the post-1990 Middle Eastern wars.

Rainer Shea, blogger, Revolution Didpatch

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The Yemen Crisis, Khashoggi, and the Deadly Saudi Arms Trade

Nora brings her four month-old son Saleh to Al Hudaydah’s main hospital. Close to half a million children and two million mothers in Yemen are at risk of dying from severe acute malnutrition due to the ongoing conflict., UN OCHA/Giles Clarke

  • Whatever happened to Jamal Khashoggi … is … a painful reminder of the selective nature of international outrage that the death of a single, well-connected Saudi Arabian journalist was able to spark a conversation which the deaths of thousands of Yemeni civilians could not.
  • The murder of Jamal Khashoggi has forced new scrutiny of the Saudi role in the world’s greatest humanitarian crisis. But, despite calls for a Yemen ceasefire and other posturing, no Western country has pledged to end arms sales to the kingdom. Digest Editor's Note: Germany, Denmark, Netherlands and Finland stop weapons sales to Saudi Arabia in response to Yemen famine.

Elise Thomas, the Interpreter/Australia / Portside To stay on top of important articles like these, sign up here to receive the latest updates from all reader supported Evergreene Digest. November 3, 2018 | "Wait, let’s take a picture!” Osama Zeid al Homran shouted to his friends. In the video the boys, aged six to eleven, are laughing and joking with one another on the bus on the way to an excursion to celebrate the end of term at their school in Sa’dah, a region of Yemen bordering on Saudi Arabia.

"I tell you what I don't want to do. Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon, all these companies – I don’t want to hurt jobs. I don’t want to lose an order like that." -Trump

Hours later, Osama and at least 24 of his classmates would be dead. The bomb which killed them when it struck their school bus was a GBU-12 Paveway II, made in Garland, Texas, and sold to Saudi Arabia by Lockheed Martin in a deal approved by the US State Department.

Of the 51 people who died in the bombing on 9 August, 40 were children.

Elise Thomas is a Melbourne-based freelance journalist with an interest in humanitarian and human rights issues and the impacts of new technologies. She has studied international affairs at the Australian National University and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva.

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