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‘Dying because of hypocrisy’: Ex-megachurch pastor says Trump-loving evangelicals are digging their own graves.


John Pavlovitz (Facebook)


  • The bad news is that you are dying, Church.

And it’s the very good news, too.

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Dave Culver, Publisher May 2018 | John Pavlovitz, a former megachurch pastor who now serves as pastor of North Raleigh Community Church in North Carolina, took evangelical Christian conservatives to the woodshed over the weekend with a brutal post on his personal website that accused them of digging their own graves by unquestioningly backing President Donald Trump.

At the start of his post, Pavlovitz says that the Christian right in America was slowly killing itself, and he doesn’t shy away from saying why.


“You’re dying because of your hypocrisy,” he writes. “People see the ever-widening chasm between who you say you are and what they regularly experience in your presence. They see the great disparity between the expansive hospitality of Jesus and the narrow prejudice you are so often marked by. They see Christ’s deep affection for the poor, hurting, and marginalized—and both your quiet indifference and open hostility toward them.”

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