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‘I won’t be part of a white-woman kumbaya march’: Portland NAACP drops support of anti-Trump protest

Women protesting Donald Trump (Lucy Westcott)

  • Women’s marches across the country, including the march in Washington, D.C. — also scheduled the day after Trump’s inauguration — have received similar criticism about a lack of inclusion. Organizers of the Washington march have since released a platform of guiding and defining principles that seek to make the movement inclusive of a variety of issues women face.
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Erin Corbett, Raw Story Jan 2017 | Portland’s Women’s March against President-elect Donald Trump has been criticized as a march for white women, leading the NAACP of Portland to drop its endorsement of the march, the Willamette Week reports.

“I didn’t want to be part of the march if it was going to be a white-woman kumbaya march,” the group’s president Jo Ann Hardesty said of the march, which will be held on Jan. 21 along with other women’s marches across the country.

Erin Corbett is a New York-based journalist, originally from Chicago. Her writing interests include immigration, detention, national security, and reproductive justice.

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Unexpected Alliances, Alexander Posekian, Left Side of History deserve a chance at better lives, actual equality, and work that offers fulfillment and dignity. So we must resist Trump, and we must look toward creating a future where the conditions that facilitated his rise to power no longer exist.