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The ‘Resistance’ Supports Trump’s Evil Agendas While Attacking Fake Nonsense ~ Caitlin Johnstone

  • Trump's enemies are seeking his impeachment for whatever they can hang on him, but they won't go after him for travesties like Yemen and the defense budget that they support.
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Robert Gore, Straight Line Logic

September 23, 2018 | From Caitlin Johnstone at A new article from the Wall Street Journal reports that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lied to congress about the measures Saudi Arabia is taking to minimize the civilian casualties in its catastrophic war on Yemen, and that he did so in order to secure two billion dollars for war profiteers.

This is about as depraved as anything you could possibly imagine. US-made bombs have been conclusively tied to civilian deaths in a war which has caused the single worst humanitarian crisis on earth, a crisis which sees scores of Yemeni children dying every single day and has placed five million children at risk of death by starvation in a nation where families are now eating leaves to survive. CIA veteran Bruce Riedel once said that “if the United States of America and the United Kingdom tonight told King Salman that this war has to end, it would end tomorrow, because the Royal Saudi Airforce cannot operate without American and British support.” Nobody other than war plutocrats benefits from the US assisting Saudi Arabia in its monstrous crimes against humanity, and yet Pompeo chose to override his own expert advisors on the matter for fear of hurting the income of those very war plutocrats.

Robert Gore is a featured writer on The Savvy Street, an online magazine, and has been on websites Zero Hedge, David Stockman’s Contra Corner, Lew Rockwell, The Automatic Earth, The Burning Platform, and Western Rifle Shooters Association. Although he engages in political commentary, he enthusiastically shuns politics.*ZVXYCWfCPhsF5l-4EFhAIQ.jpeg Caitlin Johnstone: Rogue journalist, poet, and utopia prepper.

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Don’t let the Democrats censor the real resistance. Gloria La Riva, Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL)

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