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From the Archives | The Bandwagon of Hate: America’s Cancer

  • So here I ask that each of us pull our heads out of those fluffy and, mostly white, clouds of privilege and see the world our choices have created. Stop supporting the status quo with silence and quick indictments of the disenfranchised. Stop changing the subject. Stop complaining about our hurt feelings. Stop listening to everyone except the people who are suffering. We either challenge the system and our long held perceptions of the people it harms or do nothing, and thus, contribute to the collapse.
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3rd December 2014This is an exercise in dismantling whiteness, white supremacy racism, race and the ideologies that create the socioeconomic disparities we see between people of color and their European counterparts. For this to work, you must read a lot, not just my whimsical ramblings but the many articles and studies I’ve linked throughout this document. Many of my perspectives come from the content of those works, but there is also a fair of amount of insight to be gained simply by existing within a nation that never really feels like home.

I have put great effort into coupling my opinions with historical references and other sound affirming data, but I am human; so there may be some mistakes here and there. I simply ask that you not dismiss the entirety of what is said for having read something perceived as wrong on your part or said in error on mine. I will, at times use sarcasm, humor, and dialogue to clarify a point, but I do these things not because this topic is in any way something to take lightly. They are tools to soften the blow for you, the reader, and me the bareknuckle writer. I am neither trying to blood or break my hand in the process of dropping some rather heavy accusations, facts, and opinions on some sleeping heads.

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White America's Greatest Delusion: "They Do Not Know It and They Do Not Want to Know It" Tim Wise, AlterNet

  • It is the innocence which constitutes the crime.
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