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Around The World, Girls Are Taught The Same Limiting Lesson

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  • A groundbreaking new study reveals that harmful gender stereotypes are drilled into kids, from the U.S. to India to Egypt, at a heartbreakingly young age.
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09/20/2017 | It doesn’t matter if you grow up in India or China or the United States ― when it comes to learning what it means to be a girl or a boy, a universal stereotype prevails: Girls are weak and boys are strong.

That’s the dispiriting finding of a comprehensive new study of children and their parents around the world, released Wednesday morning by the World Health Organization and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Kids learn this “truth” about gender from their parents, friends and teachers at a very young age, conclude the researchers, who looked at kids ages 10 to 14, the period when they’re just entering adolescence.

Emily Peck, is a senior reporter who covers business, economics and gender inequality at HuffPost.

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This Twitter Thread Satirizing How Men Talk About Women Is Too Good, Carla Herreria, HuffPost,scalefit_720_noupscale Photo of Mark Twain with tweets from a satirical Twitter thread launched by @manwhohasitall. Library of Congress

“I half wonder whether men should be allowed in labs. Could be a distraction to hard working women.”

"And they're so unstable. With all those mood swings, how can they concentrate on intellectual pursuits?"