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The astonishing effects of the shutdown, in 8 charts

The longest shutdown, by the numbers.

Javier Zarracina <>and Li Zhou <>, Vox <>

Jan 12, 2019 | It’s now Day 24 of the partial government shutdown, and it’s officially the longest one ever.

While President Donald Trump and Democrats continue to duke it out over the politics of a border wall, the impact of the stalemate has already become very, very real for hundreds of thousands of federal workers, many of whom missed their first paycheck on Friday.

The National Parks Service, the Transportation Security Administration, and the IRS are just a few of the government agencies that have been affected by the impasse, which is expected to cause serious economic fallout as well.

Here are eight charts that illustrate what exactly the costs of the shutdown are.

Javier Zarracina creates infographics,mapsand charts for Before he worked at Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, and El Correo (Bilbao),

and Li Zhou: Politics and Policy Reporter, Vox

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