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Boycott Fox "News" Advertisers


FOX isn't "news," it's propaganda. It was created by Australian billionaire Rupert Murdoch to promote his right-wing agenda. FOX News tries to divide Americans by smearing blacks, latinos, muslims, gays, liberals, and Democrats. FOX News openly supports the Republican Party, including a $1 million contribution in 2010. Its host Glenn Beck also created the Tea Party to revive the GOP after Bush.

Bob Fertik,

Fox News isn't a news channel; it's a 24 hour/day political operation. If Fox News' willful lies, editing deceptions, bigotry, vitriol, smears and incitement to violence didn't already make this point clear enough, their recent $1 million donation to the Republican Governor's Association does.

How long do we have to continue to endure these indignities and the consequences of Fox News' reckless? The answer is simple: As long as we choose to.  Fox News refuses to take the responsible action here, so we're asking their sponsors to cease subsidizing their political machinations, bigotry and incitement to violence.

The first group of companies that we're asking to cease sponsoring Fox News is: Orbitz, and FoodSaver.  Please email, tweet and/or post messages on their Facebook pages asking them to cease sponsoring Fox News' political operation.






Boycott FOX News Advertisers, Bob Fertik,
Dear FOX News Advertiser, I am writing to inform you that I will not purchase your products as long as you advertise on FOX News.