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A Call For An American Mass Uprising

  • I don’t think the American people are cowards compared to the French. We just haven’t reached the stage where we fight our overlords on a large scale. That stage is close, and the catalyst for it could come as soon as enough people decide they’re ready to take action in this way.
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December 10, 2018 | This is a call for all working-class Americans to move towards a vast protest effort. There are many ways to contribute to this project; a few options are helping civil disobedience organizing groups like the Poor People’s Campaign and Extinction Rebellion, directly organizing sit-ins and traffic blockades, and simply spreading the word about the need for mass revolt. But however people can help, I believe that this kind of mass uprising is our only option for defeating the corporate oligarchy.

We know that we won’t be able to meaningfully affect change by working within the system. The leadership of the new Democratic House majority is essentially just as pro-war and pro-Wall Street as the Republicans are.

They’re going to continue to assist in passing Trump’s policies while blocking progressive change. Democrat Richard Neal, who’s soon to become chair of the Ways and Means Committee, has said that Medicare for All is “not realistic,” with Neal’s donors in the health insurance industry no doubt having a say in his position. Nancy Pelosi also refuses to support single-payer health care and has proposed a plan that would make it almost impossible for the House to pass an increase on the individual income taxes of the bottom 80 percent of taxpayers. / Rainer Shea uses the written word to deconstruct establishment propaganda and to promote meaningful political action. His articles can also be found at 

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A Revolution of Democracy, Rivera Sun, Dandelion Salad / Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

  • An effort that seeks … a profound re-envisioning in the ways we make every decision in our lives is nothing short of a revolution. We must gird ourselves for the struggle if we ever wish to see government of, by, and for the people, all of us, together.
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