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Feature Article | Sexual harassment, assault: Change the story, Mariam Williams, National Catholic Reporter

  •'re not far from the scary world of "The Handmaid's Tale," but we don't have to keep repeating the story. Men in power can demonstrate that women are equal. They can call other men to examine masculinity. They can accept that women and men both desire sex and can control their urges. We can talk about crimes of power and the crime of silence among those who hold it. We can change.
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Publisher's Choice | Envisioning An America Free From Police Violence and Control, Rashmee Kumar, The Intercept

  • In “The End of Policing,” Alex S. Vitale argues that police reforms implemented in the wake of Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Missouri — from diversity initiatives to community policing to body cameras — fail to acknowledge that policing as an institution reinforces race and class inequalities by design.
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Of Special Interest | A Blueprint for Child Care Reform, Katie Hamm, Center for American Progress <> / Julie Kashen, Make It Work Campaign 

  • It’s Time to Do Better for Children and Families
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The Conspiracy to Censor Left-wing Points of View Continues to Intensify

  • Part 1: Google intensifies censorship of left-wing websites
  • Google’s actions against left and progressive sites are making clear the real targets of Internet censorship: news outlets and political organizations opposing war, social inequality and the domination of society by the financial oligarchy.
  • Part 2: Part 2: The conspiracy to censor the Internet
  • The same arguments now being employed to crack down on social media could just as well have been used to suppress books and mass circulation newspapers that emerged with the development of the printing press.
  • Part 3: What We Do and Don’t Know About Facebook’s New Political Ad Transparency Initiative
  • The short answer: It leaves the company some wiggle room.

From the Archives | The US Carried Out 674 Military Operations in Africa Last Year. Did You Hear About Any of Them? Nick Turse, the Nation

  • For years, the US military has publicly insisted that its efforts in Africa are negligible, intentionally leaving the American people, not to mention most Africans, in the dark about the true size, scale, and scope of its operations there.
  • Is that why they call it an American “battlefield” behind closed doors?
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From the Archives | Let’s Stop Referring to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault as ‘Women’s Issues’, Linda A. Seabrook and Quentin Walcott, Huffington Post

  • We all benefit when responsible men stand in their communities as shining examples of healthy and respectful masculinity.
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Bloggers & Columnists | Nick Turse, John Marty

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