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Dear Readers,
Welcome to Evergreene Digest This Week, November 11, 2017.


Dear Readers,

 Welcome to Evergreene Digest This Week, November 11, 2017.

Including links to over 745 websites and over 25 highlighted items featuring:

Feature Article | How the Military-Industrial Complex Preys on the Troops, William HartungTom Dispatch 

  • The Scandal of Pentagon Spending 
  • Your Tax Dollars Support Troops of Defense Contractor CEOs 


Publisher's Choice | How Millions of White Americans Have Bought Into a Racist Myth About Black America, Ebony Slaughter-Johnson, AlterNet
Black-on-black crime is a myth that was decades in the making.


Of Special Interest | How Big Medicine can ruin Medicare for all, Phillip Longman, the Guardian

  • ‘Health care delivery in the United States a generation ago was still in many ways a cottage industry.’ Photograph: Michael Reynolds/EPA
  • The pursuit of a ‘single-payer’ healthcare system in the United States will degenerate into corporate welfare unless America takes on healthcare monopolies.


Special Report | Trump’s Dangerously Burdensome, Costly, Deregulatory, Coherent Agenda, Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest
Part 1: Trump’s Burdensome and Costly Deregulatory Agenda
Trump’s willful blindness to the benefits of commonsense safeguards will lead to tremendous costs for the American people.
Part 2: Donald Trump’s Dangerously Coherent Agenda
President Trump’s disturbingly coherent agenda is based around militarism, austerity, social division, voter suppression, and right-wing authoritarianism.
Part 3: In Trump’s Budget, America Comes Last
Throwing money at the Pentagon, while cutting everywhere else, betrays the president’s promise to rebuild our country.


Bloggers & Columnists | Henry Giroux, Katrina vanden Heuvel

and much more. Enjoy!

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