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Democrats Paid a Huge Price for Letting Unions Die


There is power in a union. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


  • If right-to-work laws alone cost Democrats roughly 3.5 percent of a given state’s vote share, how many votes has the party lost since 1978 by refusing to prioritize progressive labor reforms? What kind of country would we live in today, if they hadn’t?
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Eric Levitz, New York Magazine

January 26, 2018 | The GOP understands how important labor unions are to the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party, historically, has not. If you want a two-sentence explanation for why the Midwest is turning red (and thus, why Donald Trump is president), you could do worse than that.

With its financial contributions and grassroots organizing, the labor movement helped give Democrats full control of the federal government three times in the last four decades. And all three of those times — under Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama — Democrats failed to pass labor law reforms that would to bolster the union cause. In hindsight, it’s clear that the Democratic Party didn’t merely betray organized labor with these failures, but also, itself.

Eric Levitz: ‎Associate Editor of Daily Intelligencer - ‎New York Magazine

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