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Don’t Leave Health Care to a Free Market

Paul Ryan, the speaker of the House, at the Capitol last month. Credit Jim Lo Scalzo/European Pressphoto Agency

Republicans, and many Democrats, need to be honest with themselves and the public: If they want medicine to be truly free-market, then they have to be willing to let the next man or woman they find lying unconscious in the street remain there and die.

Farzon A. Nahvi, New York (NY) Times

July 10, 2017 | When it comes to health care coverage, House Speaker Paul Ryan says, “We’re going to have a free market, and you buy what you want to buy,” and if people don’t want it, “then they won’t buy it.” In this model of health care, the patient is consumer, and he must decide whether the goods and services he wants to protect his life are worth the cost.

But this is often impossible. And what Republicans, and many Democrats, forget to stress, is that in a totally free market health care system, you must be willing to let some patients die.

Farzon A. Nahvi, New York (NY) Times Op-Ed Contributor,  is an emergency medicine physician and an instructor of emergency medicine in New York City.

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