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Don’t let the Democrats censor the real resistance

Left side: The censored version of the PSL poster from the Democratic Party's tweet 

  • Building the Anti-Trump Resistence
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Gloria La Riva, Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) 8, 2017 | The Democratic Party’s shameful and fake posturing as “the resistance” to Trump hit a new low last Friday when their official Twitter account posted an image that included a photoshopped picture of a PSL poster. As we explained in our official statement:

“The official Twitter account of the Democratic Party sent out a Tweet celebrating the defeat of the Republican health plan, including an image of the mass protest movement against Trump. In the bottom of the photo, taken at the Jan. 21 Women’s March in D.C., they flagrantly blacked out the text of a PSL poster that read, “Trump is the Symptom. Capitalism is the Disease. Socialism is the Cure.” The lines about capitalism and socialism were erased but “Trump is the symptom” was left — which allowed people to quickly identify their falsification.”

Gloria La Riva: PSL 2016 Presidential Candidate

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Be Wary Of The Democratic Wing Of The Protest Movement, John Stauber, CounterPunch / Popular Resistance

  • The self-labeled "Progressive Movement" that has arisen over the past decade is primarily one big propaganda campaign serving the political interests of the the Democratic Party’s richest one-percent who created it.  The funders and owners of the Progressive Movement get richer and richer off Wall Street and the corporate system.  But they happen to be Democrats, cultural and social liberals who can’t stomach Republican policies, and so after bruising electoral defeats a decade ago they decided to buy a movement, one just like the Republicans, a copy.
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