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Eight False Things The Public “Knows” Prior To Election Day


  • If the public votes in a new Congress that rejects the idea of helping to create demand in the economy because they think it didn't work, then the new Congress could do things that cause a depression.
  • This stuff really matters.
  • Five Things People "Know"
  • People Are Allergic to the Facts

Dave Johnson, Campaign for America's Future

Submitted by Evergreene Digest Contributing Editor Lydia Howell

There are a number things the public "knows" as we head into the election that are just false. If people elect leaders based on false information, the things those leaders do in office will not be what the public expects or needs.

Here are eight of the biggest myths that are out there:

1) President Obama tripled the deficit.
Reality: Bush's last budget had a $1.416 trillion deficit. Obama's first budget reduced that to $1.29 trillion.



Five Things People "Know", Dave Johnson, Campaign for America's Future
The things that people "know" are very different from the "reality-based" things those of us reading a blog like this know, and those things seem to always, always serve the corporate right.

People Are Allergic to the Facts, Tom Jacobs, / AlterNet

  • New research finds we trust experts who agree with our own opinions, suggesting that subjective feelings override scientific information.
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