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Endgame at the Minnesota Legislature has many unhappy with closed process.

On the day after, left-out legislators, interest groups and the public say lack of transparency in late-session deals must end. 

Jessie Van Berkel and Torey Van Oot, Minneapolis (MN) Star Tribune



The board in the House Chamber says the House is adjourned until February 11, 2020. A special session still looms to finish much of the work that was not completed before the session came to a close at midnight Monday night.

May 22, 2019 | Minnesota’s three most powerful politicians huddled behind the wooden door of a Capitol conference room Tuesday to hold court on reams of disputed budget matters left unresolved a day after the Legislature’s regular session ended.

it was not the image of open democracy that was promised in January by a new crop of state leaders.

Committee chairs and state agency heads filed in and out of what some jokingly referred to as the “tribunal” room. Meanwhile, the working triumvirate of Gov. Tim Walz, Democratic House Speaker Melissa Hortman and Senate GOP Majority Leader Paul Gazelka offered few updates on what was being decided inside.

Jessie Van Berkel and Torey Van Oot, Star Tribune staff writers

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