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Establishment Democrats Beg for Party Unity, (but) Progressives Aren't Buying It.

  • If the establishment wanted party unity, they shouldn't have ran Perez in the first place.
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Julian Drury, Progressive Spring 28, 2017 | Establishment Democrats are trying to talk the narrative of “party unity” now that Tom Perez is Chair of the DNC. Their victory lap comes with talking points of uniting against Donald Trump, and that we must stop attacking Democrats with shaky records. Criticizing or holding a primary against any Democrat (especially centrist establishment ones) is being framed as hurting “unity.” Party unity, however, means something quite different to progressives.

Tom Perez winning the DNC race was not a total surprise. Establishment Democrats seem to have learned nothing from their defeat in 2016. There were warning signs, but many progressives within the party were angered by the DNC vote. Even as DNC representatives were blasted with phone calls and emails to vote in favor of Keith Ellison, they still voted against the will of these constituents.

Julian Drury: Student, writer, resident of New Orleans, and staunch progressive. Helping to advance progressive causes, one post at a time.

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  • The DNC election … should challenge … progressives to ask themselves how long they will continue sailing on the U.S.S. Democrat. That ship is not headed toward the desired destination, nor is it even designed to go there. Moreover, in the wake of the 2016 election, it is a boat that appears to be rotting, drifting, and gradually sinking. Why not jump aboard a different vessel, one that really has the potential to get us where we urgently need to go?
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