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Evergreene Digest Will No Longer Cover Mass Shootings in the US



A Notice to our readers

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October 4, 2017 | Evergreene Digest will no longer cover mass shootings in the US. That means we will no longer provide accounts, descriptions, visuals, comments, discussions, analysis, and suggestions for action from the most recent incident in Las Vegas, NV, and after. reason for this is simple and clear: there is nothing on which to report. This situation has become normalized, a dog bites man story. Mass shootings occur in the US virtually on a daily basis. Coverage is predictable: a fill-in-the blank script. Only the names, location, numbers killed and wounded, and dates change. Arguments for and against remain unchanged. Hypocritical and cynical requests for thoughts and prayers are inevitable. Crocodile tears and self-righteous outrage always emerge. The end result is always the same: an unbridled, unhinged rush to the next incident, inevitably more bloody than its predecessors.There is no hope whatever for a resolution to the carnage,

If you've read one story about mass shootings, you have read them all. To see what I mean search for "Mass shootings" in the search box.

As Editor and Publisher, I have decided that Evergreene Digest will no longer participate in covering this story until something in it changes, until a man bites a dog. We will no longer pander to our readers, lending dignity and credibility to the current situation, a  three-ring circus at best and a slaughter of innocents at worse. Meanwhile we will continue to use our resources to cover stories that matter and issues that have hope of resolution.

The crew and I  thank you for your support.

Dave Culver, Editor and Publisher, Evergreene Digest