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Fearmongering on the Left

  • Mainstream pundits never seem to say, “We’re in serious danger here. Centrist Democrats had better read the writing on the wall and move further to the left so we can stay unified.” No, it’s always the progressives who have to give in. Always.
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Johnny Townsend, LA Progressive

Friday, 22 February 2019 | Democrats lament daily the fearmongering generated by President Trump, and with good reason, but fearmongering is just as harmful when done by the Left. Moderates point to the divisions in the UK’s Labour Party, which they say resulted solely from leaders moving too far to the left, as a warning. If Democratic candidates similarly try to be too bold, we’ll break apart, too. We must work together, they insist, and stop fighting each other.

While that conclusion is sound enough, the path to reach it is not the given they believe. / Johnny Townsend is a writer for the Salt Lake (UT) Tribune and the LA Progressive. He is the author of the book Human Compassion for Beginners.

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