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The Fire This Time

  • I know. You want me to say something profound, the hard thing. You want me to say something passionate, something to rally you, something to make you feel like there is hope, and that we’re going to change.
  • But that’s not what this piece is about.
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Anthea Butler, Religion Dispatches Mural of Alton Sterling painted at convenience store near where he was killed.

July 10, 2016 | Three years ago this month, I wrote about America’s racist god. As a result of the threats I received, I had to move from a place I loved. I got used to being called a nigger, and to having my university and department faculty barraged by white racists calling for me to be fired.

Three years later, and after countless black deaths by police, I find myself being asked by the editors here at RD to write about the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, and about the five policemen shot and killed in Dallas.

Anthea Butler is a Contributing Editor to Religion Dispatches. Her forthcoming book, The Gospel According To Sarah: How Sarah Palinin’s Tea Party Angels are Galvanizing the Religious Right' (came) out in 2013.

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A Post-Dallas Challenge for Religious Progressives: Staying On Message About Structural Racism, Peter Laarman, Religion Dispatches

We progressive clergy types and theology professors say that we “get” all this. Well and good. But now, more than ever before, our teaching ministry is urgently needed in the public square. It must be an uncompromising and courageous ministry. No false equivalence between centuries of anti-Black police abuse and the actions of a single madman in Dallas. No mincing of words about the ongoing need to shake the very foundations of white supremacy.