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The Fix Editor's Picks: Living Sober

Our Living Sober section is a space where our writers share personal experiences, give guidance and advice or just rant about recovery. Here are some of the latest.


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SLIP// A Day by Any Other Number...

I tried smoking medical marijuana for my anxiety disorder but it made my symptoms worse and I stopped. The AA ideas came rushing back: "Does this mean I'm not sober anymore?"

By Deanna de Bara


ADAPTING// How I Stayed Sober When I Felt Unwelcome in 12-Step Meetings

I felt uncomfortable and alone in meetings in my new country. Here are 8 ways I supported my recovery.

By Olivia Pennelle


FOR SHAME// The Secret Power of Shame

As a child, I couldn't figure out a reason for my father's rage, so what my mind couldn't grasp, my soul embraced: I deserved it.

By RJ Handley


LOVE LOST// My First Sober Heartbreak

Didn’t he realize that nobody would ever love him the way I did? Was it because I was an addict? Didn’t he realize that it’s because I’m an addict that I love so hard?

By Amy Dresner


RISKS// Drinking as Self-Harm

When I can only see the world through foggy glasses, the urge to destroy myself by drinking again becomes an enticing option.

By Kristance Harlow 5 Better Questions to Ask Than ‘Am I An Alcoholic?’

Your drinking could be trying to tell you something about your life, something that needs to change, or a trauma that hasn’t healed.

By Sam Dylan Finch


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