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Franken is no victim as he leaves the Senate.

  • He deserves credit, however, for a decision that's best for Minnesota.
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December 7, 2017 | U.S. Sen. Al Franken is leaving Congress much the way he entered it, amid a swirl of controversy and surrounded by equally ardent defenders and detractors.

Franken’s fall was swift — a matter of weeks between the first accusation and Thursday’s pledge to resign. It reflects a rapidly shifting national dialogue on sexual harassment and misconduct that is quickly creating a new order, one in which there is little tolerance for the kind of behavior that earlier might easily have been dismissed or gotten a mere wrist slap.

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Al Franken has to go, Ryan Cooper, The Week
(This) is the final reason to ax Franken: to set an example. If we as a people demonstrate that this sort of behavior means an instant end to one's political career, future up-and-coming politicos — and the broader population in general — might just internalize the lesson, and stop abusing people.