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The GOP is destroying social security so stealthily, we're missing it.




    After a trillion dollar giveaway to corporations in the Trump TaxScam, the GOP is targeting social security as promised.

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Being Liberal, the Maven 

Jan 24, 2018 | The GOP hasn’t made it’s plans to go after Social Security secret. In November, Marco Rubio was quite honest about plans to target SS once the massive corporate tax cut was passed. Republicans know Social Security is a popular institution, so the strategy is to increase the red tape to turn public opinion against the program.

To learn more read, "Republicans Are Killing Social Security One Tiny Service Cut at a Time" written by Nancy J. Altman for Slate on January 22, 2018.

The GOP claim that the Social Security contributes to our ballooning deficit, when it’s actually self sufficient. Of every dollar Americans put into our SS savings account, only 7/10 of a penny goes towards administering the program. Despite that stellar ratio, Republicans have been slashing the minuscule operating budget since 2010 when they gained power in Congress.

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