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GOP tax bill: A new mechanism for reinforcing white power

Paul Ryan; Mitch McConnell; Donald Trump (Credit: AP/Getty/Salon)

  • Why do Republicans love their massively unpopular tax bill? Because it punishes nonwhites, and that never fails.
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Chauncey DeVega, Salon  Give the Gift of Independence
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12.11.2017 | The empire has struck back. It almost always does.

Fiscal policy is not race-neutral. It prioritizes certain groups and interests while punishing and disadvantaging others. The Republican Party's new "tax reform" bill is no different.

This legislation takes hundreds of billions of dollars away from poor and working-class Americans and gives it to the (already) very rich. As I have suggested in an earlier essay, the Republican tax bill has no redeeming social value. It can be understood as a Malthusian effort to kill off the "useless eaters," with the goal of creating a social-Darwinist dystopia where the amount of money a person has is taken as the ultimate indicator of human worth. On the surface, the Republican tax plan is simply legal theft. But its deeper goal is to radically remake American society by undoing the changes made by the civil rights movement, the Great Society and the New Deal.

Chauncey DeVega is a politics staff writer for Salon.

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To many, America’s racial wealth gap remains invisible, Chauncey DeVega, Salon Image by Terence McCormack via Flickr

  • Economic progress has been agonizingly slow for black Americans — but many whites don’t see it that way
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