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How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization

The one where we retain our sanity in a stupid world.

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Mar 21, 2016 | I want to discuss a popular TV show my wife and I have been binge-watching on Netflix. It’s the story of a family man, a man of science, a genius who fell in with the wrong crowd. He slowly descends into madness and desperation, led by his own egotism. With one mishap after another, he becomes a monster. I’m talking, of course, about Friends and its tragic hero, Ross Geller.

You may see it as a comedy, but I cannot laugh with you. To me, Friends signals a harsh embrace of anti-intellectualism in America, where a gifted and intelligent man is persecuted by his idiot compatriots. And even if you see it from my point of view, it doesn’t matter. The constant barrage of laughter from the live studio audience will remind us that our own reactions are unnecessary, redundant.*r5NCDvNPOM2xbFQlZz-13w.png David Hopkins: Author of short story collection We Miss All the Great Parties. Work in Chicago Tribune, D Magazine, Dallas Morning News, and Smart Pop.

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