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If We’re Gonna Impeach Trump, Let’s Make Sure We’re Clear on A Couple Points.*ruwNn1LCyLKCeXOXpxVH-g.jpeg

We should be careful what we wish for.

Thugz n Kisses, Medium

May 17, 2017 | Contrary to what folks on reddit and Twitter seem to think, I have no love for Donny “why the Civil War” Trump nor Vlad Putin’s Russia. I think that Trump asking Comey to drop the Flynn investigation is likely obstruction of justice and probably grounds for impeachment. I doubt very much that two Republican-controlled houses of congress will impeach a Republican President, regardless of how volatile or demented he seems, and Rep Green’s impeachment attempt today will likely yield little more than an “official” statement of such from Paul Ryan, but that’s how it goes.

So, now that we have what seems to be considered indisputable evidence of an impeachable offense, can we finally talk about “The Russian Thing”?Thugz n Kisses: I am a self diagnosed cinephile from Maryland. I'm really into music, too, (especially hip hop right now, GOOD hip hop that is). But my only two real loves are my girlfriend … and the cinema. 

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