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It should be easy for every citizen to vote. Republicans have made it way, way harder.

Outright voter suppression has quickly become the core component of the GOP's electoral strategy. Many of their repressive tactics have been in play for decades, but recently, their expansive plan has grown more urgent (i.e., desperate) as their man Trump has grown more obviously unhinged and unpopular.
Read on for what you need to know this election-- and what you can do to save the vote.

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Oct 31, 2018 | Like a mad Roman emperor, the man in the White House paces the dark hallways in the wee hours, cursing all who defy him and screeching at the gremlins torturing his mind. “Where’s the collusion?” he bellows through his thumbs. “Witch hunt!” the emperor shrieks, blaming the dreaded Mueller, the craven Sessions, traitorous Democrats, the fake news media, the rotten Rosenstein, and so many other diabolic forces ruining his reign with accusations that his 2016 Electoral College victory was boosted by Russian meddling. “It is all a big hoax,” he mutters manically, pointing out that he’s been told by Putin himself that Russia did not interfere.
This election is being stolen from The People

In fact (a place Trump never wants to visit), election meddling was rampant in 2016, and his campaign’s blatant collusion in it corrupted America’s democratic process and perverted our nation’s public policies for the benefit of those behind the rigging. Moreover, the riggers are doing it again, with the goal of stealing the November midterm elections. But Putin and his Kremlin trolls are the least of it. The chief US election meddlers are not Russians. They’re Republicans. Jim Hightower <>is a radio commentator, writer, and public speaker. He’s also editor of the populist newsletter, The Hightower Lowdown <>.

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