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Kicking Off 2018 With A Pledge


 Dear Evergreene Digest Readers and Crew,

2017 was a tough year all around.  Hot and cold wars continue, the environment further degrades and Trumpism/Putinism/Modiism reigns. One can get depressed- forlorn even- by the array of monsters to fight. Humanity in many weighs appears to be stepping backwards, embracing narrow and racist nationalism, further eroding the rights of women, reveling in obscurantism, and rejoicing in, well, meanness.

Still, it is our world.  No matter what events have passed, it is indeed our world to fight for, to shape, to love, and to watch our children flower in.  But - and there is always a “but”- we have to make sure we focus and work hard to both further the erosion of the Good and to stem the growth of the Bad. Yes, those terms are not nuanced but at times we need to be clear - there are binaries in the world that we need to recognize. To continue to plant the seeds for the future, we need to support institutions and people who take up the cudgels, who dedicated their enormous energies to the fight and to the creation of a civilized world.

We all must take the affirmative steps to do this.  As part of that, we ask that you all pledge with Evergreene Digest to :

Fight for justice;
Be articulate and loud when you see injustice;
Support institutions and people who create a better world;
Donate generously financially, personally, and politically;
Keep optimism alive.

This is our 2018 pledge!  Let’s kick off the year with a resolve to work hard and to enjoy the fruits of this work as we reshape the world.

Please join us in this vital work.

Dave Culver, Publisher and Editor,  Evergreene Digest


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