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License to Kill

Robert Weissman, Public Citizen June 28, 2017 | It may be Big Business’ top priority:

Use the Trump administration not just to roll back Obama-era health, safety, environmental and financial regulatory safeguards, but to make it nearly impossible for future administrations to add new regulatory protections.

The Big Business bill to carry out this scheme is the misnamed Regulatory Accountability Act — more accurately known as the License to Kill Act. The bill’s champion is U.S. Senator Rob Portman of Ohio.

Starting today, we’re airing a hard-hitting TV ad in Senator Portman’s hometown of Cincinnati that makes clear that this gift to giant corporations would cost lives. View the ad and tell senators not to give Big Business a license to kill.

Act now.

Portman’s License to Kill bill would give giant corporations the power to block food safety standards, clean water protections, toy safety rules, workplace safety protections, rules to stop bank rip-offs and much more.

The bill would force government agencies to undergo 53 additional procedural steps before issuing a new regulatory protection — and give big corporations the right to sue over each of them.

On top of that, the bill directs agencies to focus not on how they can best protect the American public, but on how to limit the impact on corporate profits.

You can understand why this is such a priority for Big Business.

And why we absolutely can’t let the License to Kill bill become law. View our ad and add your voice to oppose this deadly proposal.

We’re going to make plain this bill’s human cost and hold its proponents accountable.

We can, and we will, stop this License to Kill.


Robert Weissman, President, Public Citizen