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Matt Taibbi | Why Aren't We Talking More About Trump's Nihilism?

"The White House now says we might as well pollute because global catastrophe is inevitable." 
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Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone <> / Reader Supported News
03 October 18 | While America was consumed with the Brett Kavanaugh drama last week, the Washington Post unearthed a crazy tidbit in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) latest environmental impact statement.

The study predicts a rise in global temperatures of about four degrees Celsius, or seven degrees Fahrenheit, by the year 2100. Worse, it asserts global warming is such an inevitable reality, there’s no point in reducing auto emissions, as we’re screwed anyway.

“The emissions reductions necessary to keep global emissions within this carbon budget could not be achieved solely with drastic reductions in emissions from the U.S. passenger car and light truck vehicle fleet,” is how the report put it.

Matt Taibbi, Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone <>, winner of the 2008 National Magazine Award for columns and commentary. His most recent book is ‘I Can’t Breathe: A Killing on Bay Street,’ about the infamous killing of Eric Garner by the New York City police. He’s also the author of the New York Times bestsellers 'Insane Clown President,' 'The Divide,' 'Griftopia,' and 'The Great Derangement.'

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The Truth About These Climate Change Numbers, Jeff Goodell <>, Rolling Stone*f13EgMk6Bilm-NPO0... / Photo: shaun/E+/Getty
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