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Mining Truth launches campaign to highlight financial risk from PolyMet

  • Mining Truth launches campaign to highlight financial risk from PolyMet
  • $934 million damage deposit is needed to protect taxpayers
  • Sulfide mining pollution would forever change Minnesota, including the Boundary Waters, Lake Superior, and our economy. 

The Mining Truth coalition, Mining Truth | The Mining Truth coalition launched a public information campaign this week with a goal of ensuring Minnesota taxpayers are protected as permit applications are considered for PolyMet’s proposed sulfide mine in northern Minnesota. Billboards near the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources headquarters in St. Paul and along I-35 highlight the $934 million damage deposit experts say is needed to cover cleanup costs.

“PolyMet’s own permit application says polluted water from the site will require expensive treatment for decades, if not centuries, after this proposed mine closes” said Kathryn Hoffman, Executive Director of the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy. “Unless Minnesota insists on a bankruptcy-proof, upfront damage deposit, taxpayers could be left with a huge cleanup bill.”

Mining Truth is a coalition of Conservation Minnesota, Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness, and the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy formed in 2012 to provide a resource for Minnesotans to get facts about how sulfide mining and its potential impacts differ from iron mining.

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