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Minneapolis Schools Face $33M Deficit After City, State Spent $500M on NFL Stadium.

Former Minnesota Governor Arne Carlson, himself a passionate sports fan, has been one of many who have spoken out against the city’s choice to commit so much in financial resources to the stadium.

Nathan Wellman, Grit Post 29, 2018 | Teachers and staff of Minneapolis schools are expecting hundreds of layoffs due to a $33 million deficit only a few years after the city and state completed a taxpayer-funded $1.1 billion football stadium.

Minneapolis Public Schools — the state’s third largest district currently tasked with educating 36,000 young people — is expected to lay off 350-400 full time employees after last fall’s announcement that the education budget’s deficit had doubled for the following school year.

Nathan Wellman is a journalist from Los Angeles who has written for US Uncut and Grit Post.

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