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The Most Incompetent Demagogue In History

Donald Trump in a joint press conference hosted by Prime Minister Theresa May at Chequers on July 13, 2018 in Aylesbury, England. Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

No one likes us
 /I don’t know why

We may not be perfect / But heaven knows we try

But all around
 / Even our old friends put us down

Let’s drop the big one
 / And see what happens…

- Randy Newman, “Political Science,” 1972

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07/15/2018 | Singer, songwriter and satirist Randy Newman, almost half a century ago, was channeling the know-nothing sentiments that eventually produced a President Trump — a figure who didn’t know much about history or geography, but who knew only that the rest of the world was failing to respect the United States. Trump’s famously thin skin reflects what psychiatrists call a narcissistic wound, a deep sense of rage that is triggered by anything that seems like a slight.

Trump, in turn, channels Americans who feel slighted, disrespected or disdained ― by the turn that the economy has taken and by the globalists in charge. He turns their sense of grudge into a general assertion that America is being slighted.

Robert Kuttner, Columnist, Huffpost, is co-editor of the American Prospect and a professor at Brandeis University’s Heller School. His new book is Can Democracy Survive Global Capitalism?

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