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The Mueller Report: Annotating Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Redacted Report

  • A redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report of the investigation into Russian election interference was released to Congress and the public by Attorney General William Barr on Thursday. Intercept journalists have been updating our site throughout the day with their analyses of the report.
  • Mehdi Hasan argues that the report’s section on obstruction of justice is actually a roadmap to impeachment, and that it is time for Democrats in Congress to follow it. And Glenn Greenwald says that the Mueller report obliterates the idea that the Trump campaign conspired with Russia during the election.

James Risen, Robert Mackey, Trevor Aaronson, the Intercept

April 18, 2019 | A redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s “Report on the Investigation Into Russian Interference in the 2016 Election,” was released to Congress and the public by Attorney General William Barr on Thursday. The text of the report appears below, with redactions Barr said were made mainly “to prevent harm to ongoing matters and to comply with court orders prohibiting the public disclosure of information bearing upon ongoing investigations and criminal cases.”

Intercept reporters are annotating the report in updates here throughout the day. Their summaries so far:

  • Mueller Investigated the Infamous 2016 Trump Tower Meeting as a Violation of Election Law, but Declined to File Charges
  • Trump Asked Aides to Undermine the Mueller Probe — and They Refused
  • William Barr Massively Distorted Robert Mueller’s Opinion on Obstruction
  • Mueller Report Puts to Rest One of the More Bizarre Russiagate Storylines
  • Paul Manafort Shared Trump Polling Data With Alleged Russian Spy and Sought to “Monetize” His Ties to the President
  • Russia’s Use of WikiLeaks Allowed Trump and his Advisers toAvoidCollusion
  • Mueller’s Large Team of Investigators Was at Work Through March
  • Before WikiLeaks Published Hacked Emails, George Papadopoulos Told Diplomat of Russian Offer to Aid Trump
  • Mueller Concluded Russia Did Want to Help Trump Win
  • Before Releasing Mueller’s Report, Barr Defended Trump to the Press

James Risen, a best-selling author and former New York Times reporter, is the Intercept’s Senior National Security Correspondent, based in Washington, D.C.  
Robert Mackey writes about national and international news through the prism of social media. Before joining the Intercept as a Senior Writer, he was a reporter and columnist for the New York Times, where he anchored the newspaper’s breaking news blog, The Lede, for five years, and wrote a news analysis column, Open Source, from 2014 to 2016.
Trevor Aaronson is a contributing writer for the Intercept and executive director of the nonprofit Florida Center for Investigative Reporting. He is also the author of "The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI's Manufactured War on Terrorism," which was first published in 2013 and re-released as an updated edition in 2018.

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