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New Analysis Shows Why Democrats Are Wrong to Fear Bold Embrace of Medicare for All.

/ A new poll finds that seven in 10 Americans believe the U.S. healthcare system is in crisis, while a new analysis argues that promoting Medicare for All is far from the polical suicide that corporate Democrats warn candidates against. (Photo: National Nurses United/flickr/cc)

Corresponding with its skyrocketing enthusiasm for Medicare for All, the American public reported extreme dissatisfaction with the current for-profit healthcare system in a new poll—and expressed concern that the model has created a crisis for the nation.
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January 14, 2019 | O‪n the same day a new poll showed an overwhelming majority of Americans think the nation's healthcare system is "in state of crisis," a new analysis shows that Democrats should listen to those Americans—and end their reluctance to run on the promise of a bold solution like Medicare for All while propping up the for-profit system.‬

"Democrats shouldn't fear authentic candidates who articulate our values. Those candidates offer the best path forward for the party." —Sean McElwee, Data for Progress
A new Gallup survey released Monday showed that 70 percent of respondents saw the U.S. healthcare system as having "major problems" or being in a "state of crisis." Eighty-four percent of Democrats expressed these concerns about the system in which many families are forced to pay high premiums and and deductibles, with worse health outcomes than in other high-income countries, while 56 percent of Republicans agreed.

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Biggest Threat to Single-Payer? Democrat Support for a Public Option, Michael Corcoran <>, Truthout <> / Despite co-sponsoring Medicare for All, Rep. Brian Higgins is clearly not interested in pursuing the reform any time soon. Bill Clark / CQ Roll Call
The next big fight for single-payer may not be with Big Pharma or the GOP, but rather, Democrats who insist on putting their energy behind weaker policies.