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'No War on Venezuela' actions take place in over 100 cities — next up March 16th!



Make your plans — get on the bus!

ANSWER Coalition <> To stay on top of important articles like these, sign up here to receive the latest updates  <> from all reader supported Evergreene Digest. / February 25, 2019 | With the threat of intervention looming, over 100 cities mobilized this past weekend to oppose a new war on Venezuela, in actions large and small, supported by hundreds of progressive and anti-war organizations. 

These actions provided an immediate and important counterpoint to the war propaganda and the Trump administration's phony "humanitarian aid" stunt. They mark the awakening of a new anti-war movement that is growing by the day. When the news of the coup attempt broke, activists in dozens of cities across the United States immediately responded with picket lines; thousands more have since joined this movement. 

New Transit Centers Added for March 16th!

Get your ticket to D.C.!
• Asheville, NC
• Atlanta, GA <
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• Baltimore, MD
• Boston, MA <
• Champaign-Urbana, IL
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• Chicago, IL <
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Cincinatti, OH
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Next up is the March 16 National March on the White House, and it's time to start making your plans. Bus ticket and transportation information is now available from across the Midwest (as far away as Minneapolis, Minn.), and up and down the East Coast (all the way down to Atlanta, Ga. where protesters have reserved a bus to drive through the night.) Follow the links in the box to get your ticket!

Even if you cannot come on March 16, please make a donation to support these efforts and cover the cost of passengers who cannot afford a ticket. <
The situation remains critical. Although the Trump administration has failed to break apart the Venezuelan state forces or provoke the Maduro government at the border, this failure will make the war-makers more aggressive. They're meeting in Colombia today with Mike Pence. Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó is calling for military intervention. Senator Marco Rubio tweeted on Sunday an image of Gaddafi just before he was murdered in 2011, a sadistic death threat explicitly calling to turn Venezuela into another Libya. 

The notion that Trump,
Penceand Bolton care about the wellbeing of the Venezuelan people would be laughable were it not so dangerous. Nor do they care about the lives of U.S. service members who would be sent in to kill and be killed in another war for oil.


It is imperative that we continue to organize in solidarity with Venezuela!

The March 16 National March on Washington < in front of the White House will be a rallying point for all anti-war forces in the United States.
If you are on Facebook, please click "Going" on the Event and share with your friends <>.  

All out to March 16th! 

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