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N.Y. socialists’ ballot drive goes over top


‘Workers need our own political party’

Angel Lariscy and Brian Williams, The Militant

Socialist Workers candidates in New York talk with participants at Pathfinder booth during Harlem Book Fair July 17. Behind table from right, Willie Cotton, SWP candidate for U.S. Senate, and Róger Calero, candidate for U.S. Congress in 15th District. Militant/Brian Williams

Socialist campaigners here celebrated completion of a 10-day effort July 18 to collect 7,000 signatures to place Róger Calero on the November ballot for U.S. Congress in the 15th District. The Socialist Workers Party is also running Dan Fein for governor and Willie Cotton and Sarah Ruth Robinett for two open U.S. Senate seats.

Some 50 people came to a campaign forum the evening of July 17 where Calero and Robinett spoke. This included two people who had met campaigners on the streets that day or in the week before, as well as a coworker of Fein and two others attending their first socialist event. A successful meeting to launch the ballot effort was also held the first weekend.




Workers need a labor party, says D.C. socialist, Susan Lamont, The Militant
“Thanks for coming to our picket line! Thanks for supporting us. Good luck!” These were some of the comments from nurses walking an early morning informational picket line outside the Washington Hospital Center July 19, as they greeted Omari Musa, Socialist Workers Party candidate for mayor of Washington.