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Obama Called Libya A Sh*t Show, Trump Called Haiti A Sh*thole, But The US Ensured Both Are True

  • U.S. foreign policy decisions in both Haiti and Libya have been far cruder than the comments made by Presidents Trump and Obama.
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January 12, 2018 | The mainstream media is horrified by the idea that President Trump would refer to Haiti as a “Shithole” country—but they seem to have forgotten that President Obama referred to Libya as a “Shit show,” and that the United States has had a hand in ensuring that both countries continue to be plagued with problems.

The media launched a firestorm after a report from the Washington Post claimed that during a meeting with lawmakers in the Oval Office on Thursday, Trump said, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” 

Rachael Blevins, Contributor, Daily Sheeple

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Trump Isn’t Another Hitler. He’s Another Obama, ‪Caitlin Johnstone‬, Medium*DYDHW3nSTTA58fhDo2eKPw.png Nobody wants to hear this. Because of their partisan blinders they will both find reasons to believe they’ve got either a savior or a traitor in the White House despite the fact that their country’s actual policy and behavior remains more or less the same.