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The Only People Who Still Believe In Russia-gate Are Those Who Desperately Need To*JaxqDAshc6fIR3DYvONNUQ.png

  • The ruling elites still need their war with Russia, necessitating even more fear-mongering propaganda to manufacture support for new cold war escalations.
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September 21, 2017 | So if you’re having trouble keeping up, you are meant to believe wholeheartedly that Donald Trump is simultaneously:

  • dangerously incompetent,
  • mentally unstable,
  • a closet white nationalist, and
  • a treasonous Kremlin agent.

You are meant to find a way believe all of these things without seeing any contradiction or absurdity among the lot of them. If the notion that someone can be both politically inept and mentally ill while also simultaneously working as a double agent for another government while also simultaneously covertly plotting to turn America into an all-white ethnostate starts to feel a little incredible to you, you’re meant to seclude yourself within an adamantine media echo chamber and bathe in the waters of Verrit and #TheResistance until it all makes sense again.*ZVXYCWfCPhsF5l-4EFhAIQ.jpeg Caitlin Johnstone: Rogue journalist, poet, and utopia prepper.

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How Russia Became “Our Adversary” Again, Paul Street, Counterpunch by thierry hermann | CC BY 2.0

  • Perverse political logic works to sustain the strange new neo-McCarthyite anti-Russian madness, which is rooted in the U.S. imperial agenda, not any relevant Russian influence on U.S. life and politics.
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